Wii U Internet Browser Demo

Honestly Wii U has one of, if not, the best internet browsers I’ve ever used on a video game console. Below is a short demo of how the internet browser works on the Wii U between the Wii U Gamepad and your television.

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a_bro1854d ago

I actually went to my friends house to check it out, can honestly say that i was very impressed with what i saw, and yea, the browser is pretty awesome.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1854d ago

I absolutely love the Wii U browser. Its very fast and works amazing with the gamepad and tv.

oakshin1854d ago

it doesnt support flash............... = useless 2 me my ps3 browser is alil slow sometimes but it singlehandedly let the ps3 pay for itself literally

stage881853d ago

Can't download anything to the hard drive either which is a huge hindrance in my opinion.

decrypt1853d ago

Haha what a disaster, no flash no downloads. Oh well its a closed platform, cant blame it.

Deku-Johnny1853d ago

Not supporting Flash is a good thing, it uses stupid amounts of memory and is so unstable it almost laughable. Most people are opting for HTML5 over Flash these days and in the next few years Flash will become obsolete.

cee7731853d ago

@oaks in

I know what you mean I dropped cable all together when I got my ps3 lol

Ghost_of_Tsushima1853d ago

Forget about flash geez its old crap that needs to die.

oakshin1853d ago

go read up on the wii us browser cell phones can excess more of the internet then this thing can its restricted whats the point of it being fast if it cant do anything that would take advantage of its speed?

im not trying to bash it but i dont see any real use for it

GoldenElf1853d ago

Being able to watch YouTube videos on the fly on the big screen is very useful.

Deku-Johnny1853d ago

That's because a lot of smartphones are built with browsing in mind because more people use phones to go online than games consoles. Games consoles are built with gaming in mind with everything else just a nice addition. The way it should be.

beerkeg1853d ago

Looks great, much better than my ps3 browser that's for sure.

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