Nintendo Wii U Review: Sounds Gimmicky, But Makes Good Games More Good | The big criticism with Nintendo consoles is that they're engineered for kids. The original Wii was innovative and flat-out fun enough to make it all work--it seemed charming rather than simplistic. But the new Nintendo console, the Wii U, is careful not to seem too playful and innocent--launch titles, for example, have you playing as a brooding Batman and a space marine. And you'll be doing it with a goofy new controller, which looks like a PS3 controller with a 6.2-inch tablet between your two hands. And it usually feels really right, even if not every game makes the most of it.

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TripC501852d ago

This guy didn't play it. In the article he says to stay away from the new super Mario game and that "Arkham Asylum and Mass effect" are better.

Zodiac1852d ago

Maybe he thought they are better?

TripC501852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Yeah I would have believed that if he had named the games correctly.

ronin4life1852d ago

The title is actually why I'm^0^
/Didn't read

MEsoJD1852d ago

*looks at title* Seems legit.