New ‘GTA 5’ graphics, lead platform, game length and other details revealed

Some new information (featuring graphics, lead platform, game length and more) has been revealed online today for the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Grand Theft Auto 5.”

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greenpowerz1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Not surprising there isn't any comments in here yet the pro Sony gamingbolt articles get dozens of comments.

Glad to see xbox DVD9 isn't holding back the PS3 version and the Playstation RAM and GPU isn't holding back the 360 version .

The devs use PC to develop games and since there will be a PC version It's hard to see a PS3 version on par with PC/360 versions due to them being able to use more RAM.

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The gamingbolt article was repeating speculation about PS3 being the lead platform. I don't trust gamingbolt hense my comments in the GTA5 and PS3 sold 70 million articles.

Devs don't lead on the lowest common denominator platform at the end of any generation just for rep saving parity, It's too competitive with devs fighting for every sale(pushing quality at the cost of getting backlash from fans of the weakest console)

reynod1737d ago

We will know how much the game has been held back due to consoles once the PC mods are out ;-)

GTA4 already looks better than GTA5 with mods. So yea there is no question both the kid boxes will be holding the game back.

Thatguy-3101737d ago

No one cares about pc. We all know they can provide the best graphics.

decrypt1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )


Thats all good, however..

Console gamers... dont care about graphics.



SephirothX211737d ago

PC is not just best graphics but faster loading times, longer draw distances, mods, more on screen at once. Also in a game like GTA, vehicles will stay in memory longer, more vehicles and people on screen, faster loading, better detail and the ability to be on a sky scraper and see all the people and cars on the street instead of them disappearing like on consoles.

Imalwaysright1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

If modders can achieve that level of graphical fidelity ( icenhancer) what makes you think that devs with a budget of millions cant achieve it? I doubt that consoles are holding back PCs. Devs just dont care or they think that there arent many PCs out there that can run something on that level wich would only hurt their sales.

kevnb1737d ago

PC gamers care about PC, and console gamers care about graphics even more than most PC gamers. when people get all platform wars they bring up graphics more than anything. 360 gamers claim better than ps3 multiplat games, ps3 best looking exclusive console games. But then PC gamers laugh at console fanboys arguing over the tiny difference between gaming on ps3 vs 360 as compared to PC.

bozebo1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Do you really give a crap about graphics that much? It's GTA!!!!!!!

Also, so true about kevnb's comment above me lol. I don't have a fancy graphics card in my PC, it can run any game at a decent frame rate at my resolution though so I am sorted (and it was cheaper than a console, the rest of the hardware I already had/needed and is nowhere near top of the range either). I play fast paced or multiplayer games on minimum for elitist 100fps lol (an old habit from CS:S, it made a difference to your mouse input compared to 60fps).

GTAV won't have those draw distance issues, the engine is a lot better than the one for GTAIV. That said they will be better on the PC version, but they design out the problem and optimize the engine further every iteration. You could see buildings from extremely far away in IV on consoles.

kaozgamer1737d ago

^^and all console gamers laugh at pc lack of quality exclusive games

jrbeerman111737d ago

Half life, minecraft, crysis were exclusive, civ 5, starcraft, warcraft, diablo, xcom, knights of the republic, witcher was, dota, league of legends, arma, dayz, counter strike, xcom, company of heroes, torchlight 2, stalker, garrys mod, dark messiah, slenderman lol, penumbra, AMNESIA, any mmo etc...

Bordel_19001737d ago


We laugh at your ignorance.

Razmossis1737d ago

So GTA V is being held back by the people that didn't finish GTA IV?

They didn't finish it because it was the same boring missions from start to finish, not because it was long!
San Andreas was a lot longer, and that's the sort of length I was hoping for!

I'm going to play this game to the death when it comes out, I don't want it to be over in 2 or 3 sessions :(

Dee_911736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Yay now all the pc gamers can stop worrying and hop back on your elitist pedestal and compare your highly customizable PC with brand new hardware to 6 and 7 year old consoles.DAT Elitenessness lol

Just a fyi for the past decade or so gamers have been comparing console to console because they are both consoles :)
We all know PC have better graphics and performance but for some odd reason within the past year and a half its become "cool" to brag about it lol.
PC isnt a console so please stop comparing the 2.If you agree please help dead this whole movement in 2013

Yea thats true.I dont think gta iv was long at all.San andras on the other hand.It seemed like how long it took to be able to access san fierro that would be the average length of a normal game.But there are alot of side missions which is good.Hopefully its not like sleeping dogs or prob.. LA Noir where the side missions only make sense during the actual story

Clarence1736d ago

To hell with pc and its graphics. If the developers only developed for pc they would go out of business. All the top games this gen sale better on the consoles.

Temporary1736d ago

Even though PC is easily the best platform in terms of just power, the utilization of that power is lackluster because all the most talented devs go to where the $ is, therein lies the issue.

Consoles will always be a more valuable cash cow for devs, and PC will never be taken seriously as a platform in comparison to M$ and Sony. PC in visuals looks a generation or 2 ahead of current consoles, but if your frame of reference is QUALITY games, the PC is way behind.

So calling the consoles "kidbox"es or saying theyre just toys for children etc. is actually pretty ignorant...considering theyre top of the food chain when it comes to consumers. Then comes handhelds, and PC is somewhere way at the end of the line.

d3nworth11736d ago

I swear you PC fanboy have the most retarded logic. Consoles do not hold back. If a dev wanted they could do all they wanted for they PC version and just leave out the parts that the consoles cant handle simple. Like they did for battlefield 3. PC piracy holds back PC. All that technology that goes into making graphics and physic engines cost money and with the ridiculously high piracy rate of the PC there's no guarantee devs would make a good profit. That why alot of game franchises like Crysis and Farcry are no longer PC exclusives. What I really dont get is that you PC fanboys brag about how cheap your games are and how steam is the greatest and yet your platform still has the high piracy rate. Explain that.

Autodidactdystopia1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )




no-one ever listens to me.

kaozgamer1736d ago


Lol thats it? btw minecraft(released on xbox), xcom(both consoles), crysis(both consoles, the first crysis is available on ps3, witcher WAS.

Bring on the disagrees

miyamoto1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Actually having no lead platform is goog for all platforms...why? That means Rockstar has the chance to fully design the GTA 5 games on the maximum strength of each gaming system. Its a win win situation for all respective platform.

Maximum graphics and gameplay for 360, PS3 & PC. You will get the most value for your system of preference.

Imagine GTA 5 graphics rivaling Uncharted 3 graphics on PS3 ... that we gotta see!

RumbleFish1736d ago

The truth: the game is developed on PC and ported to both consoles.

They release the console versions first to sell the inferior versions with more profit.

I am starting to ask myself if I will be strong enough to resist buying a console version instead of waiting for the PC version.

I won't I guess... ;)

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KwietStorm1737d ago

Not surprising greenpowerz opened up his comment with completely off topic nonsense for the sake of..well I don't even know.

shempo1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Half life, minecraft, crysis were exclusive, civ 5, starcraft, warcraft, diablo, xcom, knights of the republic, witcher was, dota, league of legends, arma, dayz, counter strike, xcom, company of heroes, torchlight 2, stalker, garrys mod, dark messiah, slenderman lol, penumbra, AMNESIA, any mmo etc..."

killzone 1,2,3
uncharted 1,2,3
LPB 1,2
Modnation racers
resident evil
silent hill
gOw 2,3
nintendo games
sony studios games

and btw....crysis,xcom,half life are not exclusives and swtor plz the biggest mmo failure to date...the only RETAIL repeat RETAIL game that did well in that crap list of yours was D3.the rest are f2p games,try harder next time.
none the games u mention have outsell consoles games

Everyone knows pc have better graphics we simply dont give a fck since the best AAA games are on consoles and the multiplatform games ALWAYS sale better on console 3 to 1 with eaze and style we know this devs know this thats why like it or not pc nerd consoles will always be the priority....devs dont give so much fck about pc...gta5 is a example...

Temporary1736d ago

Thats a pretty bad list of PC games ... im sure other PC fans can dig up better games than that.

Hellsvacancy1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

"Its a TROLL, kill him, KIL HIM!!!"

ALLWRONG1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

After we kill him, we can kill you, and someone can kill me.

You have no room to call anyone a troll, most on this site don't.

That's why I have never called anyone a troll.

Anyway who the hell ever said the PS3 was lead platform? Most people in the real world know everything is made using a PC.

neoMAXMLC1736d ago

"Anyway who the hell ever said the PS3 was lead platform? Most people in the real world know everything is made using a PC."

And that right there just shows you have no idea what you are talking about.

A-Glorious-Dawn1736d ago

@All Wrong.

"Anyway who the hell ever said the PS3 was lead platform? Most people in the real world know everything is made using a PC"

Most people on this site know more about game development than you do apparently.

doogiebear1737d ago

How do we know if the stuff in this article is even legit? There's no source.

Kingofforest1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

that's the same thing i thought when people said it was ps3 lead.

the GTA5 game informer magazine is out, and there was no word mentioned of them playing it or a lead platform in the 18 page spread, nothing!!

check it your self.

DeadlyFire1737d ago

X360 has no more RAM than the PS3. Both have 512MB dipsht

chcolatesnw1737d ago

if you'd have bothered to do a little more extensive research, you'd have seen that ps3 has 256mb for OS ans 256 for games. xbox has 512 and both OS and games use it at the same time. max a game can use on ps3 is 256, xbox is closer to 512. not to even mention the 10mb edram, which is used for resolution, texture, anti aliasing... etc, buffers. Dipshit.

neoMAXMLC1736d ago


The irony of you calling him a dipshit when your comment is far more ignorant and less knowledgeable than DeadlyFire's... who was correct the first time.

The PS3 has 256MB of SYSTEM RAM and 256 of VIDEO RAM. Only around 30MB goes to the PS3's OS. Everything else is reserved for games. so yes, that's almost 512MB of total RAM. Almost the same as the 360's. And that 10MB of eDRAM? Hardly worth a damn considering most 720p games are too big to even fit in it.

yesmynameissumo1736d ago

The PS3 OS is less than 30MB now as they've continually reduced its footprint with each major firmware revision. It amazes me RAM is even being argued.

badz1491736d ago

256MB reserved for OS? and to think that the measly 10MB edram makes any how clueless you're about things but confident enough to state them as facts!

but calling anybody to voice their opinion dipshit is just wrong as it sounds very uncivilized! the same goes to you too, @DeadlyFire.