Black Ops 2: New Game Modes Incoming

NowGamer: David Vonderhaar has said Treyarch has "several games modes we play in development" and that new game modes will be coming to Black Ops 2.

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seanpitt232193d ago

Yippee more game modes when I cannot play the game yes this has made my day

SolidDuck2193d ago

Team Tactical, it was in 4 and every other cod since. Where is it?

JKelloggs2193d ago

In CoD4 it was 3 people.

I think they've replaced it with multi-team.

I hope they bring it back

Mikefizzled2193d ago

Playing War on the Ground War playlist in WaW was awesome. Really think they should bring it back.

brianunfried2193d ago

I second that, "War" was some ridiculous fun!