Video Games Cause Divorce?

Although best-selling online role-playing game World of Warcraft boasts over ten million subscribers, it's also leaving in its wake an increasing list of casualties.

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LinuxGuru3753d ago

I hate articles like this.

They do nothing but further the cause of anti-videogame legislation.

Shame on whoever posted this.

Dathcha3753d ago

I feel it is rather one-sided to only post from the woman's perspective in this case... Maybe the relationship wasn't giving him what he needed in the first place and he sought refuge in the game-world...

I don't mean to imply the story isn't true or that the guy is blameless... But it is seriously lacking in objectivity...

Isn't it more important to examine the underlying cause of a person getting sucked into a gameworld, rather than blaming them and the game outright?

I am not saying any of this is true, but maybe he was unhappy in the relationship, but hadn't said that yet. Maybe he has some mental problems to begin with that manifested themselves in this manner rather than remaining hidden. Maybe the woman's claim that after a few months they had a serious discussion about where the marriage was going is a pretty picture painted of what in fact was a hysterical shouting match (and perhaps done too late?)

Dathcha3753d ago

I am still of the opinion that people need to come to terms with taking online life into account more and more for planning their lives...
And not just assume someone can turn off the computer at the drop of a hat...

Discussing up front when you want to spend time together to watch some TV might solve people being caught off guard in the middle of an hours-long raid that they don't want to opt out of...

And vice versa... If you're going to go on a raid, or watch a movie or something that is time dependant, then perhaps announcing that up front to others would be sensible... So they know you have plans for a certain time-frame...

Isn't 'let me just finish this chapter' a normal phrase to be heard when you interrupt someone reading a book? Or 'I'll come help after The Simpsons ends' a common reason heard when you start on some house-hold chore in the middle of that time?
Why should gaming be any different?

It's a two-way street, communication is vital there... Plan your raids, tell your significant other and check with them up front before you agree with a hundred other people that you will be online at a certain time...

Frances-the-Mute3753d ago

lol it sure does...............not

SaiyanFury3753d ago

I've been a hardcore gamer since the 80s. I'm from Canada and I married my wife here in Florida and moved down to be with her in mid 2006. I now have a 61" 1080p HDTV coupled with my PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as my PS2 is connected to my lowdef setup in our PC room. I can't work here in the US as my green card application is still being processed. But I still do some of the housework: I do the dishes weekly, and clean up around the house here. I changeout our cats' crap boxes and clean up various rooms that need it. I still manage to game 6+ hours per day with my daily 60 minute workouts, and other things. I don't game online. I never understood the big attraction to big MMORPGs, and I never will. I still give my wife lots of attention, and I still manage to game. Even after I get a good job, I'll still game lots, and I'll find time for her. Some people just can't manage their priorities. Then again, a lot of guys can.

kylefoley763557d ago

i hate video games precisely because they make you selfish. you guys are in complete denial. not only is this nothing-world ruining your marriages it also makes you completely blind to the fact that right now as we speak our country is committing atrocious crimes around the world and we are doing nothing about it. we're dropping bombs on innocent citizens in afghanistan, we've caused over 4 million iraqis to become refugees as well set in motion a situation which has caused some one million excess deaths, we're supporting violent paramilitaries in colombia that are killing innocent civilians, we are selling arms to turks so that they can drop bombs on kurds, we're helping the indonesians eliminate defenseless timorese, we just recently kidnapped the president of haiti because he dared to help the poor and defenseless of his country, not to mention our failed coup attempt to oust the president of venezuela because he dared to disobey washington orders, namely, use his country's resources to help his won people, the list goes on and on. meanwhile you pathetic wimps are sitting in front of a fake reality while your marriages are going to shreds. i especially enjoyed saiyunfury's comment that he games six hours a day and still has time for his wife, hello, notice that he didn't say anything about kids? even if he doesn't have kids there are plenty of people in the community suffering that need help. am i wrong? i certainly hope so, i certainly hope you guys aren't selfish, come on, prove me wrong, i'm dying to lose this debate.

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