Halo 4, the COD Killer?

As most of you may know by now Halo 4 has officially dropped in stores across the globe. And man, the addicting multiplayer along with the high production value in the campaign has got all of us at GamersBliss thinking that this game was designed to do one thing. Take Call of Duty down. Halo fans can say this for sure, yet COD fans would beg to differ. The interesting change in the release date only adds to the burning question. The majority of Halo titles released on the Xbox 360 were released in September. Of course this doesn't count the Halo Anniversary Edition released last year yet we all know that game didn't really target an audience as big as the new entry. Seeing as the game has been released exactly 1 week before the new Call of Duty entry from Treyarch comes out. Could Halo be giving COD a run for its money?

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aviator1891993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I think both franchises have got their own respective fanbases and players, so I don't think either one is going to immensely threaten the other in terms of sales.
The most that will happen is a few shifts here and there.
At least, in the short term..

Long term wise, it could be a different story.

camel_toad1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Yeh some people will play both but as you say - their individual fan bases will remain loyal.

Personally I quit playing COD after modern warfare 2 and never considered myself a Halo fan boy by any stretch (still enjoyed them though) but halo 4 looks to be a bit of fresh air thanks to the new team.

Army_of_Darkness1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

With COD Blops2 going on all three platforms while Halo is an exclusive, there is no chance in hell that it will sell nearly as much as Cod.. and honestly, it's unfortunate because Halo 4 does look like the much better game with very impressive graphics coming from the 360! But I'm getting neither cause I have only have a ps3 and I ain't no cod fan...

guitarded771992d ago

Everyone I know who plans on getting Halo 4, also plans on getting CoD:BlOps 2. The two franchises have coexisted among XBOX gamers for a long time. NOTE: I say "XBOX gamers" because that's where the question of HALO v CoD exists in terms of the author's topic. It's silly to compare the two though since one is exclusive, and one is multiplatform. It would me a more interesting conversation if HALO was multiplatform too. I wounder if it would pull CoD numbers across all platforms.

Gamer19821992d ago

Halo cant touch COD as its stuck on 1 platform and its only got 2 titles on PC. Although when it comes to releases its going for CODs crown to who can get the most games out in 10 years. Both neck and neck for a while now as there been a Halo and a COD game every year for a long while. No PS exclusive franchise is the same. But its a similar theme with most 360 AAA games looks at forza theres a new one of them out nearly every year (not every year) compared to GT every 4 years since GT3.

StrawberryDiesel4201992d ago

Guaranteed online numbers will drop some when Black Ops 2 comes out.

WildStyles1993d ago

Halo 4 is not killing anything. Nothing is going to kill COD until next gen comes along. It's just too big despite the constant internet complaining. I hate COD and even I can acknowledge the juggernaut it truly is.

Kurt Russell1992d ago

With a bit of luck COD will just kill itself :)

SheaHoff1993d ago

For now, I think there's enough separate fan bases AND overlap for them to both keep going - at least for now.

first1NFANTRY1993d ago

CoD killed it self along time ago. Although halo has improved alot graphically, the formula hasn't been innovated enough to warrant it a 10/10 experience.


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The story is too old to be commented.