Perry "stunned" by Marvel Universe cancellation

Firebrand developer David Perry has told Eurogamer he was surprised by Microsoft's decision to cancel cross-platform MMO Marvel Universe Online. "That is stunning to me, absolutely stunning to me," he said.

According to the Shiny Entertainment founder, now working on free-to-play MMOs at Acclaim Games among other things, "Marvel, as a property, is more mass-market than World of Warcraft."

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Keowrath3717d ago

Yeah, does seem pretty crazy. I read there was gonna be a Marvel and a DC unviverse MMO. DC is on the Sony (I think, please correct me if wrong) and Marvel was exclusive to Microsoft?

I'm a much bigger fan of the Marvel characters and as the article says Marvel heroes are huge globally. This could have been a potential gold mine for Microsoft (they're obviously going to make big bucks from the PC version if there is one) but I think that number would have been a lot bigger if they brought the game to their console too.

So WoW already has everybody that would play an MMO? LOL no. It has a huge audience but how old is WoW now? I'm sorry but in my opinion, that game has been dated for around 3 years now. I've played a lot of MMO's myself putting years into some of the better ones but one I've never touched is WoW. Graphics suck and compared to other titles I've played it's incredibly easy.

Why bring the 360 out if the PS2 has the majority of gamers already... yeah.