How World of Warcraft's 10 Million Subscribers Stack Up To The Rest

Kotaku reports: "We all know that Blizzard's World of Warcraft is just another monumental success in a long line of monumental successes, but how does a 10 million strong subscriber base compare to the competition? There are a lot of massively multiplayer online games out there-EverQuest, Final Fantasy XI, EVE Online, Lineage-but their numbers pale in comparison to the juggernaut, the subscriber-thief that is WoW. According to newly released figures from MMO analyst site, Blizzard's MMO is commanding an impressive 62% of the market. What's even more impressive is its climb to 10 million".

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Kulupoo3590d ago

wow(no pun intended)... I use to play runescape and tibia hahaha and they still have huge installed base...
good times... (wasted)

FadeToBlack3590d ago

The last MMORPG I was really into and player was Asheron's Call.
I loved that game, have so many fond memories playing with my old friends.

Tyrael3590d ago

MMORPGs will collapse into themselves. All the games and not enough subscribers.

Rooted_Dust3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

The developers get just as much at retail as any other game. Then the monthly subscription pays for maintaining the data and the servers. They only operate as many servers as they need and don't bring on new ones until the need them.

bootsielon3590d ago

That's like the PS2 of MMOs, lol

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