Dear Capcom, This Is What I Want In ‘Resident Evil 7′

BD writes: Resident Evil 6 may very well be the most polarizing game of this generation. I’ve never seen critics and fans so divided on what I thought was a pretty great game, but they are, and after spending an unhealthy amount of time with it, I can see why. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but there’s no arguing that it’s pretty heavily flawed. So let’s take a minute to discuss where Capcom went wrong, and how they can fix it after the break.

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Pillsbury12093d ago

The only thing I want is for it to return to its roots and be true to the fans that made it the success it is. Back to survival, back to mind bending puzzles and back to HORROR.

jghvhv2093d ago

If Resident Evil 7 isn't a dancing game I'm gonna be pissed!!

KingOptimus-X2093d ago

What I want is a reboot and take it back to it roots.

colonel1792093d ago

They should really abandon the franchise for quite some time, then make a reboot. Although with Capcom a reboot is scary... oh the irony, they do know how to scare people with reboots (DmC) but not with their "horror" game.

Treian2093d ago

I won't be touching anything related with Resident Evil until it's stop being a CoD/Uncharted/Gears of War clone. Capcom should be ashamed of what they have done to the series. Now Resident Evil is really a zombie.

caseh2093d ago

You'd rather go back to the old backtracking for hours through endless doors, each of which takes like 30 seconds to open so you can grab that green herb you couldn't carry earlier? Or to get the sword key, so you can open some more doors for the shield key, so you can open even MORE doors for the armor key...

Am I the only person who has this memory of how the original was or does everyone wear rose tinted glasses these days?

colonel1792093d ago

I think the first Dead Space was a great example of how to do a modern survival horror. Hopefully next gen technology will allow for better ideas to be implemented in this genre. Better AI, graphics, etc will surely help.

The big obstacle to innovation is sales. If there is an average game that sells a lot, everybody will stop innovating, and will start to copy.

Hicken2093d ago

Action-adventure makes for amazingly bad survival-horror, caseh... Resident Evil is definitively more of the former than the latter these days.

Treian2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

It doesn't need to be that way. It just needs to be like RE4. It was a great mix of action and horror. And make co-op AI optional.

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