Hilarious things happen when video-game physics go wrong

DSOGaming writes: "This article was inspired by a video that Elias Peppas shared with me. YouTube’s member ‘HelixSnake’ made a compilation of some epic physics fails from Skate 3. And this made us wonder; what could possibly go wrong in a video-game when physics engine go insane? Well, the answer is quite simple. You can get some gay stuff thanks to the Impact Engine of Fifa 12 & 13, spinning cars, boobs that can go up and down, and games with non-existent collisions (yeah, we’re talking about the legendary ‘Big Rigs’ game)."

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Myst1791d ago

Lol that Saints Row 3 one :p -- Damn now I feel like playing the game again..

bayport1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Lol the Skate 3 vid looked more like a Garry's Mod vid

Lol @ one of the youtube comments

"Go home Physics, you're drunk"

PS3Freak1790d ago

I used to play a lot of Skate 3, so watching that entire video made me cry laughing.

SolidStoner1790d ago

I never played football games, I didn't know they are so gay!

knowyourstuff1790d ago

When game physics go wrong?

More like when game physics go *right* lol

ado9081790d ago

Idk why you got 7 disagree's. Although I thought the skating vid was funny especially when the guy fixes the bench and puts it back in place and another guy runs into it and knocks the bench and him over

Myst1790d ago

Meh doesn't worry me much anymore. People disagree just to do so, to rile people's nerves or something else. I've come to expect it


Snookies121791d ago

LOL! That freaking Skate 3 video collection was just amazing... I want that game now...

Myst1791d ago

Lmfao I just saw it and I haven't laughed that hard in a while my eyes are watery.

Relientk771790d ago

Skate 3 looks fun haha

like all those clips were great

no_more_heroes1791d ago

LOLOL THAT was the funniest thing I've ever seen!!! Especially the Skate 3 compilation!!!

wastedcells1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

That was good times. Laughed so hard it made me want to search for more.

waltyftm1790d ago

PSO2 bug was fantastic.

Sp1d3ynut1789d ago

I don't know that it's truly a is a Japanese game, after all. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.