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In an alternate universe, some time around the 17th century, chaos is brewing. The plague is ravaging the population, leaving what’s left of humanity fighting for control. When all is lost, another catastrophe strikes—the Empress is slain, assassinated as part of a plot laid forth by her own Court. Sworn protector and bodyguard of the Empress, Corvo Attano, is framed for the murder, and an attempt is made on his life, too… And this is just the first five minutes of Dishonored, painting a bleak picture of turmoil, corruption, and famine.

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LOGICWINS2081d ago

I'd love to read your full in depth review if you ever decide to post one. Surely you completed the game in it's entirety to come to that resounding conclusion.

doctorstrange2081d ago

Considering I write for the above site, yes I have...

LOGICWINS2081d ago

Great! Look forward to reading about your opinions then.

2081d ago