Hitman: Absolution Preview | Still At Spawn

Still At Spawn writes: "While sitting down to play the first couple of hours of Hitman: Absolution, I forgot how to play a Hitman game. Buried with shooters that make you go guns blazing, I quickly was overwhelmed by the stealth elements that the Hitman series has arguably perfected. I first played a level set in Chinatown, eliminating the “King of Chinatown” was the goal. As I was controlling Agent 47 through the crowded marketplace, instead of searching every area for ways to “accidentally” kill the target, I was looking for ways to impatiently storm up to him and pop a few rounds off, as un-Hitman like as that sounds.

Luckily for myself and fellow fans of the series, after I shot the king in the face, there was no way in hell I was getting out alive (probably due to the fact I was playing on hard, because I’m hardcore)...."

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