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Submitted by ThePioneer 1228d ago | news

Gran Turismo Tech Demo Shown Running at 4K Resolution

Sony hints at the future with a Gran Turismo tech demo in Japan. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3, Sony)

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Majin-vegeta  +   1228d ago
Hopefully someone records it and uploads it.
Hatsune-Miku   1228d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Felinox  +   1228d ago
But without a 4K monitor to view it wouldn't that be kind of pointless. Like watching an hd feed on a standard def TV.
sikbeta  +   1228d ago
Even if someone records and tube it, we'd see crap of difference, quality is ripped off when you upload a vid on the net :P


Would be glorious to see this going into GT6 for PS4 *drool*
wastedcells  +   1228d ago
Maybe the PS4 4K rumors are true. The games would look crazy. I've seen a 4K tv in action and it's a nice surprise. Too bad they will cost too much but maybe by the time PS4 drops they will be reasonable.
vulcanproject  +   1228d ago
Polyphony did the same thing with PS3, when the PS2 started to reach the end of its life polyphony fiddled with GT4 in HD- HD concept.

Personally I think that 4k is not really required for most people in the home. If you are talking about a 40 foot cinema screen, or PC, or a PC monitor where you can play games from literally 2 feet away, you can tell the difference.

But at 8 feet or more like an average living room then you need 60 inch screens and more to even much improvement over 1080p.

Considering this generation which was supposed to be 720p didn't actually turn out that way with countless games under that resolution and lacking anti aliasing, I'll happily settle for mandatory 1080p and at least equivalent of 4 x MSAA for next gen.

I think this is realisitcally what would work and deliver that leap in visuals we should expect, aka samaritan demo.
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BitbyDeath  +   1228d ago
'Maybe the PS4 4K rumors are true.'

It makes sense, Sony will be pushing 4K TV's and there is no better way to push them than with bringing it to consoles.

Same tactic was used for pushing both DVD and Blu-ray sales.
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Guwapo77  +   1228d ago
@Vulcanproject - Remember they said 1080p wasn't required for anything under 40". Cellphones now have 1080p screens. You can tell the difference and don't let those naysayers tell you otherwise.
BuLLDoG909  +   1228d ago
well most of the quality would be wasted watching on anything lower then a 4k monitor,
but thats not to say it wouldnt look better then what we currently have at in gt5 now @ 1080p,

at 4k there would be no jaggys, and more detailed textures watching it on a 1080p display
kneon  +   1228d ago

Not only will we not get jaggies but we'll get it without using anti-aliasing since the pixels are too small to see at any reasonable distance.
WiiLovePS360  +   1228d ago

"Remember they said 1080p wasn't required for anything under 40". Cellphones now have 1080p screens"

You are missing the rest of the argument though. From a normal viewing distance for a TV, your eyes have been scientifically proven to not be able to tell the difference between 1080p and 720p on anything under about a 46" television. Mobile phones are vastly different, since you generally view them from about a foot from your face, meaning you can easily discern a higher resolution.

With phones we have hit the ceiling in terms of resolution needed though. The iPhone 5 for example doesnt even use a 720p resolution, yet has the undisputed best screen on a mobile phone so far. Its resolution is 1136×640. The human eye is basically unable to notice anything higher than that from a regular viewing angle on a screen that size. This has been confirmed and backed up by scientists.

To see any difference between 4K and 1080p from a regular viewing distance for a TV, you very much do need to have a TV that is 60+ inches.
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vulcanproject  +   1228d ago
I think more like everyone is missing the point. The factors are screen size, resolution, and distance. 1080p on a small phone screen is ok, mainly because you tend to hold the thing about 12 inches from your face!

4K on a cinema screen is noticeable even from a decent distance(but not too far), mainly because the screen is 40+ feet wide!

However 4k on a 46 inch screen 8 feet away is different. You will probably struggle to glean a great deal more detail and you would probably be better off using that performance on the assets of the game.

Think about the setting consoles are usually played in. Not a phone screen 12 inches away, not a 40 foot cinema screen, usually a HDTV, usually 50 inches tops for probably like 90 percent of people, and probably not much closer than 8 feet.

But anyway, i highly doubt we will be seeing native 4k games next gen just as we have hardly seen any true native 1080p games this gen.

As I pointed out, we haven't even managed every game native 720p this gen!

So aim for a solid 1080p, and a bunch of AA, and I think most people will be very happy...
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miyamoto  +   1228d ago
Its just a demo. Thats it. but There is no denying 4K & 8K is already here. And it took only a few 5-7 years for HD to take over SD. not even a decade. Apple's Ultra HD Retina Display screens for 56 Mega pixel DSLR cameras will be available this year. If the Sony will make 8 release a 10 year life cycle PS4 in 2014 it only make sense to furure proof it by supporting 4K resolution. Cloud gaming like Gaikai will not be limited by CPU GPUs strength by that time.
ZoyosJD  +   1228d ago

Did you even notice how huge the margin of error is on that chart you posted.

I know plenty of people who sit less than 8 feet from their TV (or monitor)...especially when gaming.

Also, if your running a game in a higher rez there will be less need for AA, allowing a portion of those resources to be reallocated when we reach that point.

Finally, 4k could also mean support for 2 1080p TVs, maybe 4 at 720p. Local multiplayer with today's graphics FTW!
fatstarr  +   1228d ago
actually youtube supports higher resolutions than 1080- but its so unstable unless you have fast tier internet and 2 gpus its going to lag really bad just one example.

but our curent technology sucks,
for one to record a 4k res video would take terabytes
and at least 5 hours of rendering
and another 5 to upload to youtube.
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EeJLP-  +   1228d ago
They originally did this back in 2008 (the article mentions this):

Here's some newer GT5 2160p pics:
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modesign  +   1228d ago

when you go to the store, do you still buy standard def tv's from the 90's, probably not, so in 5-10yrs, most people will be getting tv's that will be 4k res, because the industry updates and forces the consumer to buy the most up to date technology.
andibandit  +   1228d ago
Even if in 2 years 4K tv's dropped by 80% in price it would still be like 4000$.....

It would make no sense to cater to the 10% of gamers who could actually afford it.
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mewhy32  +   1227d ago
without a 4k device to display this game there will be NO tangible benefit to gamers. This sounds like the 3d bull that Sony pushed in 2011. That didn't hit mass appeal either.
vulcanproject  +   1227d ago
ZoyosJD yes I did notice the margin for error, which any way you look at it isn't remotely close to 4k being noticeable. 1440p isn't even close to 4k and you struggle to see 1440p at a mere 5 feet on a 40 inch tv....Let alone anything further away!

Do your maths, 2560 x 1440 isn't even half 4k. 4k as in 4 times 1080p which is UHD- 3840 x 2160. So the graph is even more skewed towards my point, it is even harder to discern at 5 feet.

But then for every one person you know games on a console at less than 8 feet or on a monitor, I know five people that don't. It is called catering for the majority, and 4k is not a very good answer to that.

The argument that higher resolution means less AA is also kinda pointless when you talk specifically about 1080p and 4k, because good MSAA is vastly less demanding to enable than 4k rez with no anti aliasing!

The whole point of high quality FXAA is to make the performance cost of AA reduced even further.

Anyone who really thinks that next gen consoles will do 4k native games needs their heads checking. If PC doesn't do it commonly now, console won't be doing it in a year. Its just a fact of life.

PC was doing 1024 x 768 commonly 7 or 8 years before 360 turned up, there is no way a console will do 4k games before it becomes more common on PC.

I'll give each of you a million pounds if next gen consoles run their games natively at over 8 megapixels :D
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ZoyosJD  +   1227d ago

Man, you are defensive.

I go to PM you that your charts are actually way out of date and you've already blocked me.

Don't believe me here is the new chart from the same site you referenced.

This one is far more accurate and includes 4k over 1440p since 1440p is nonstandard and includes a fairly small sliver of the spectrum.

Also don't say you'll give me money you don't have.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1228d ago
cannon8800  +   1228d ago
more like ps3 quad sli hehehe
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1228d ago
lol you're right..

I'll be happy if next gen we can just have 1080p 60fps at standard, sure 4k would moisten my carpet with the drool from my saliva glands. But let's be realistic....
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1228d ago
No matter how "good" it looks or what resolution it can run at, it still won't outweigh the boring game that the GT series has always been.
CernaML   1228d ago | Personal attack | show
kneon  +   1228d ago
It only boring for people who are crappy drivers.
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1228d ago
"It looks good but I'll always find GT boring"

There, see it's easy to not sound like a troll.
Blasphemy  +   1228d ago
Looks like those PS4 rumors were true!
NoFanboyRequired  +   1228d ago
Idk, computers can barely do it unless you spend more than a thousand dollars on it. Its most likely running off a computer with sli or crossfire.

If they had games running at a res like that on a console, they'd need a really big box for ventilation lol.
Jazz4108  +   1228d ago
Im glad sales equals quality now like you said with gt series. Now thats settled lets go play some wi fit.
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kneon  +   1228d ago
If a PS3 can render GT5 at 1080p then four PS3s should be able to render at 4K with horsepower to spare. Remember it's only the graphics that change in going from 1080p to 4k, the rest of the code doesn't get any more demanding.

I expect a PS4 to be 5-10 times more powerful than a PS3 so there will be games that run at 4k natively. Just don't expect all games to support 4K though, just like all games can't do 1080p this generation.
jetlian  +   1228d ago
kneon only thing wrong with you analysis is one gt5 isnt full 1080p on ps3 and two GT5 graphics arent true 4K off the 4 ps3's

I mean is DMC collection Graphic level really HD compared to DMC4 the answer is no.

All their doing is using 4 systems to project a game in 4k not the same as 4k content
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jerethdagryphon  +   1228d ago
wouldnt 4k recorded and displayed on a 1080p moniter be well pointless
morganfell  +   1228d ago
Sorry Chunky but 4K TVs are already under the 20K mark. That means in 2 years they will be easily affordable by plenty of us. Like every piece of tech they rapidly become consumer friendly as regards price - Bluray, HDTV, 3DTV, all dropped rapidly in price and became a standard feature. 4K will be no different particularly when one considers how long that resolution has been a cinema standard. Many Bluray restorations of older films were taken from 4K prints.
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givemeshelter  +   1228d ago
Right now its $25,000+
They have one up and running at the Sony Store at the Eaton Centre in Downtown Toronto. It's $25,000+ the manager told My wife and I.
I have no idea where you are getting its under $20,000 unless some cheap Chinese knock off is hiding in the shadows.
And for gamers on this site thinking these upcoming consoles will run games at that NATIVE resolution? I won't even bother telling you why this won't happen...waste of time
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Diver  +   1227d ago
ha ha ha poor try. do you think sony is the only major company making 4k tvs? apparently and you would be wrong. LG is a major company an they are coming in with their first set, their first set under 20k. sorry but you dudes are wrong. prices will plummet quick.
shoddy  +   1228d ago
Next-gen start when Sony say so.
tee_bag242  +   1228d ago
The thing is - HDMI 1.4 only supports a max of 4096 × 2160p at 24 Hz right now.
There isn't enough bandwidth with HDMI right now to support 4k resolution at even 30 fps, let alone 60 fps.
crxss  +   1227d ago
GT's always had beautiful scenery in their games since PS2, and it's the reason i still have GT HD on my ps3 HDD. game's pretty haha
NastyLeftHook0  +   1227d ago
looks good.
Walker  +   1228d ago
WOW, cant wait to see that
Felinox  +   1228d ago
While I agree. You'd haved to actualy see it in person to appreciate it, unless you have a 4K monitor.
What kind of bandwith would a solid 4K video stream even require. Does sound pretty sweet though.
Walker  +   1228d ago
i have a 4k tv :P
Fishy Fingers  +   1228d ago
If you do, you wasted a lot of monies. No content, ridiculous prices. Wait and save.
FredEffinChopin  +   1228d ago

Early adopters of hardware are important if we want these products to go down in price eventually, and see new iterations. If everyone were to "wait and save" when HDTVs came out, it would have been a while, if ever (lack of interest would probably result in a halt of production), before we saw them priced reasonably.

Also, if he has enough money to blow on one of those, maybe he doesn't need some random dude on the internet telling him how he should or should not spend it; he likely knows how to manage his finances. He also may have he put a little more research into the matter than you, having taken that financial plunge.

If he can afford to be the first kid on the block with a 4k TV, then more power to him.

That being said, he might be joking too.
Axonometri  +   1228d ago
I'm still wondering how I can afford to go Next Gen at all... How the hell does Sony feel I'm going to be able to drop 15 grand on a TV so I can play Games at 4K?

Obviously this would be an option, but knowing Sony, they will try to push it as a future necessity. Whats next, games at $100 a pop and $1200 for premium PS4?
360ICE  +   1228d ago
Remember how HD TVs used to cost 15 grand too, but now don't do that anymore?
KMCROC  +   1228d ago
The price drop was over the cost of how many years ,cause i don't remember it happening over night.

@360ICE Don't get me wrong a price drop will ocurr but it will have to be a significant one & that TV better come with more than 4K resolution.
#3.1.1 (Edited 1228d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report
360ICE  +   1228d ago
Well, if you want one overnight.
I bought my first HD TV in 2007, I think. And that wasn't even one grand (and was pretty neat too), so I think it's reasonable to expect some rapid price drops when 4K takes aim at the average consumer.
kneon  +   1228d ago
15 grand, try $26000 for a 32" LCD at Fry's. That was the first flat screen TV I ever saw for sale at retail. That was about 15 years ago and over that time the price has dropped by about 99%.

The same thing will happen with 4k TVs except that the price drop will be even faster.
kayoss  +   1228d ago
4K is an option is not a must have to play. Just like 3D or HD. Its a possible option so when it become mainstream Sony dont have to worry about patching it or releasing a new system just to accomodate it.
If this is true, I have a feeling that 4k will become standardize in 4-5 years. If the PS4 is 1200 and it does everything and replaces all my devices then I think it might worth it. But if its just a game console and blu ray player then i will skip.
neogeo  +   1228d ago
Everyone thinks I'm crazy because i always say I want ps4 no sooner then 2015, but now I hope people get what I mean. I want it to be a big jump at a real price and we won't see any 4k at a marketable price before then. I say let ps3 age like a fine wine and keep it supported then bring the power when its ready.
stragomccloud  +   1228d ago
I don't think many games would even support that resolution. After all, how many PS3 games are native 1080p, despite Sony touting that all of it's games would run at such a resolution.
DarkHeroZX  +   1228d ago
its all up to devs. And to be fair its not that Sony and developers don't want to run all of the PS3 games at 1080p its just that it can't do it very effectively. Only a hand full of PS3 games are 1080p and the ones that are like GOW3 is very linear, GTA which is really 1280x 1080p or certain PSN titles. Next gen I think Sony will be pushing for native 1080p with 60 fps and medium to high textures. 4k will be something there for devs that wanna mess with it but expect low res with 24-30fps at best, it'll also be used for movies and other media services. But the fact that it took 4 ps3's to do this I think Sony knows exactly what to shoot for now.
stragomccloud  +   1228d ago
God of War III, though initially announced to be able to run at 1080p, was downgraded to 720p for performance cost reasons. And honestly, a 720p game with better textures/effects beats out a 1080p game with inferior textures/effects in my book any day. Point is, next gen, games will run 1080p native.

Random aside, I can't wait until the next God of War releases!!!!!
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atticus14  +   1228d ago
this 4k stuff is overblown anyway...Much like the ps3 and 360 "support" 1080p but most of their games run below 720p nativly and go through an upscaling process.

the ps4 and next xbox will probably support the resolution but the chances of seeing a game made with 4k assets are slim to none. So even if you did have all the proper hardware game developers are probably not going to invest in 4k resolution textures to make use of it.

The biggest thing in TVs to come next to mainstream (and actually be useful to 100% of consumers) should be OLEDs and the amazing clarity they bring.
#3.4 (Edited 1228d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Axonometri  +   1228d ago
Exactly, we haven't even reached 100% saturation of full HD TV's yet and they want to talk 4K. Let's make use of 1080P for a while first. Seeing how no console released to date has been.
Baka-akaB  +   1228d ago
And how do you think 1080p will ever become the standards ? It's precisely easier by allowing and distributing higher resolution to begin with that wont be standardized for a while ..
Beastforlifenoob  +   1228d ago
um in aus the RRP of new games are $108
Blasphemy  +   1226d ago
You are gonna have to get 10 jobs LOL.
hennessey86  +   1228d ago
So wait
GT5 is less than 1080p and they are showing this in 4k resolution. I don't get it, gt5 struggles at a resolution under 1080p with frame rate drops and screen tearing, this will be interesting to see.
Ducky  +   1228d ago
They're showing 4k by using 4 PS3's to run the game.
kayoss  +   1228d ago
Well a tech Demo is just a demo. Where as GT5 is an entire game.
jerethdagryphon  +   1228d ago
no its a tech demo because there demoing tech not used currently

its 4 ps3s and a gizmo to combine the outbut and sync them

they showed this ages ago as well

its similar to how you can run multiple screens in gt5 to enlarge the view angle each machine handles a differnt part
cannon8800  +   1228d ago
GT5 is constant 60 fps on gameplay and 30 fps on replay(video)

I gotta say, I'm very impressed with the Engine Polyphony is using, because it literally is using every last drop of performance the ps3 can give.

"a copy of GT5 Prologue was shown at 4x HD resolution, while another was running at 240 frames per second."

240 frames per second means 4*60(fps) or basically 4 ps3's running the game. It is so optimized it's using 100% of the ps3's power or at least the gpu's power.
#4.3 (Edited 1228d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
wishingW3L  +   1228d ago
I wonder why people are disagreeing with you.

GT5 in game = 1280x1080p/60 frames
GT5 videos and menu = 1920x1080p/30 frames

Nothing wrong with that.... =/
vandal GAB  +   1228d ago
It's not a constant 60fps goes as low as 26fps in this video from digital foundry.
#4.3.2 (Edited 1228d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report
Me-Time  +   1226d ago
As low as 26fps in 3D.
Cam977  +   1228d ago
This ought to be good, I love GT5!
Hufandpuf  +   1228d ago
Did you mean GT(A)5, Niko?
Cam977  +   1228d ago
kudakadere  +   1228d ago
Yes please , I hope they release a GT6 prologue for Ps3 , I feel as if they barely tapped it's potential. Obviously not in 4K that's madnesse even for some Pc's never mind monitors and TV's that are in an affordable range .
#6 (Edited 1228d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
C0MPUT3R  +   1228d ago
4K will be available for PS4, but I will play in 1080p at the beginning until 4k prices come down. Heck 1080p is still an upgrade over 720p this gen.
metroid32  +   1228d ago
Wiiu can do 2 1080p images in 3D/HD mode i looked it up big deal that's 2160p and this is resolution coming in 2016 4k res will be like in 20 years from now.
DarkHeroZX  +   1228d ago
One does not simply add 1080+1080p to get 2160p lol. Tech doesn't work like that. And the Wii U isn't capable of displaying 1080p on 2 screens. The Wii U tablet controller runs at a lower resolution then the Vita. Don't know where you got that information from.
metroid32  +   1228d ago
Try stock version of the E6760 m8 HD/3D is supported and it supports 2 1080p images look my uncle has a tv that does this it was £3000,oh there isn't a gpgpu out there that supports anything more than 480p on additional displays whilst gaming on tv at Native 1080p sorry kid,ur forgetting the tablet displays Nexgen graphics big difference seing AC3 on tablet using nextgen textures and lighting ect,vita is a handheld Gamepad is a controller for a console big difference and graphics and zero lag are What vita can't do with ps3.
Nutsack   1228d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
jd666  +   1228d ago
3D hasn't done as well as Sony wanted due to the cost so I can't see them pushing 4k on us just yet!
kenoh   1228d ago | Spam
SolidGear3  +   1228d ago
My eyes will have been raped!!
Hufandpuf  +   1228d ago
no they wont. 4k resolution doesn't make the fine details any finer. it just makes the screen a hell of a lot bigger.
DarkHeroZX  +   1228d ago

I think you need to stop huffing and puffing on that old man penis because its rubbing off on you.
#12.1.1 (Edited 1228d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
PersonMan  +   1227d ago
He's right though. 4k resolution isn't going to make the game more detailed. Just like running a PS2 game in 1080p doesn't upgrade the textures and the poly count.
Jamaicangmr  +   1228d ago
Heres hoping it's GT6.
My hope is for a sneak peek at GT6 and not GT5 running in 4k. Maybe even show the new Mclaren P1 blazing around a track thats not currently in GT5. You know alil something something. Im not greedy.
kenoh   1228d ago | Spam
JBSleek  +   1228d ago
My only question is what GPU supports full 4k?
NoFanboyRequired  +   1228d ago
Lol i dont think any can unless you do sli or crossfire with the most recent cards that have released. You need a shit ton of video memory to be able to render something of that scale.
cannon8800  +   1228d ago
lots of amd gpus


There are plenty of graphics cards out there that have more than two gigs of ram but idk, we'll see what it takes to run 4k games in the future.
#15.2 (Edited 1228d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ZoyosJD  +   1228d ago
The current top of the line single GPU cards from NVIDIA or ATI can run 4k at 20-60 fps depending on the game and settings.

SLI or Xfire setups with those cards or dual GPU versions of those cards should hold up 4k resolutions and 45fps in any game at max settings.

Note: a 2GB card can handle 4k but 3 or 4GB cards are better able to maintain frame rates above 30fps.
#15.3 (Edited 1228d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
metroid32  +   1228d ago
What tv's at say 32/37inch do this Hmmmmm none 2160p is coming in 2016 4k might never make domestic market.
tubers  +   1228d ago
Most new ones.

It also depends on how optimized/intensive the game is.

I have a 5870 2GB E6 that can do x6 1080p (brand new for 185 dollars a year ago).

4K is nothing.. content for it does matter if it's gonna run well or not.
josephayal  +   1228d ago
Better than real life
KrimsonKody  +   1228d ago
I think what Sony is "trying" to say is, simply; that they will be prepared, 4k-wise.
WHICH means;
They will be working as of now to perfect & get the whole "4k thing" right.
There MAY be a few 1st party games that will showcase & support 4k (for PS4).
BUT, it will NOT be mainstream!
Meaning that EVERY game will not support it, but, however, if some strange tech thing happens & everything must go 4k, then hey, Sony is prepared!

Remember; Sony doesn't release consoles every 3 years or so.
& tech evolves faster & faster each couple of years.
SO, with an possible PS4 by 2014-15 & talks of 4k as the next resolution, why not have a console that will be prepared for 4k games by 2016-17? Not to mention by that time, a PS4 would only be within its 1st 5 years...

Not so strange to me.
attilayavuzer  +   1228d ago
Don't get too excited, we're still not natively running 1080 60fps
IQUITN4G  +   1228d ago
Gran Turismo is an interesting one. It's sales prove that people feel compelled to buy it, and this might not of course be hardly surprising considering the quality of this franchise. But the interesting part is how a lot of people to seem to share a similar experience in that they've bought the game but only played some way into it. Personally that is how it's for me and at least one other person I know

Despite some inconsistencies here and there, GT5 is quite exceptional It must be said, but I generally only end up playing for 5 minutes before I turn it off. Gone are the days when I invested huge chunks of time into a GT game and really I think it just comes down to that I don't want to do this again no matter how gorgeous it looks

I might receive a lot of disagrees here but I think sales of the next GT will reflect just this sort of thing, because a lot of people are buying this game on the strength that it's GT and what that represents from past enjoyment. What I really mean when I say this is that a large percentage of GT players wont in fact really be gamers in the more traditional sense ie a more casual audience brought about from Playstation being cool and of course their love of cars. GT and cars itself a culture sort of thing. Truth is some people bought GT5 not really knowing why they did

It all sounds like some fanboy spewing I'm sure but I think there is definitely some truth to it. It will be interesting to see how the next GT performs
#19 (Edited 1228d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
TheKayle  +   1228d ago
a demo running on what pc?
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   1228d ago
read the damn article -__-

"The game will be running at “4K resolution”, the new video standard which touts four times the 1920×1080 resolution of current HDTVs, and is powered by four PlayStation 3 consoles."
tubers  +   1228d ago
4k? Honestly I think that'd probably just look like a crisp PS3 game..

I'd much rather have 1080p with better texture, geometry and effects next gen. (like how console games today barely run 720p but at least have awesome overall visuals)
sandman224  +   1228d ago
That would truly be next gen if you can play 4k at 60 frames per sec. I'd be a happy gamer.
Dojan123  +   1228d ago
4k will have a better up tick than 3d. People do not need to wear anything. Plus, the cable companies will compete to broadcast 4k to get new subscribers. Just like the HD days. Football in the US will be first to broadcast.
izumo_lee  +   1228d ago
This is just a glimpse of things to come & it just shows that Sony will be ready if the shift to 4K occurs in the near future.

It is not like Sony is asking folks to invest in 4K, like they always do they give the consumers the option to make the switch. I won't be surprised if maybe 10 years from now that 4K may become the next standard in television, just like the switch from standard def to HD.

This does give us an idea of what to expect from the PS4 if it takes 4 PS3s to run this tech demo. So PS4 4x the power of a PS3?
ForRealz17  +   1228d ago
level 360  +   1228d ago
Have been reading news that this new generation of 4K television screens would cost as much as a brand new car.

But also sure as with all things concerning this type of technology, the price will quickly plummet once other manufacturers come into play.

This is basically Sony synchronizing the upcoming PS4 console with all their television/moviecam/camera department.
mochachino  +   1228d ago
That's great but Sony is jumping the gun with 4k resolution though, a lot of people are still on their first round of 1080p HDTVs.

As far as 4K is concerned, internet, cable TV and storage is not red E
tubers  +   1228d ago
Hmm makes me think..

so 4K.. so that's significantly more chances of having dead pixels.

Plus, does it truly matter if you're seated far away from the set? (no pixelization)

I think an increase in FPS in 1080 would have a bit more impact.

But ofc, big companies would want to force new 4k sets. That makes me expect 30 FPS and below if 4K would be the "norm" this next gen of consoles.
Braid  +   1228d ago
That's very confusing.

I never thought PS4 would come with 4K resolution support as it'd require a monster of a hardware and the price would be beyond average consumer's budget range but then again, what would be the purpose of this demonstration? They're trying to sell 4K TVs, sure, that's the point. But why show a game, will PS4 really support 4K resolution games? Or will it upscale PS3 games to 4K resolution?

Hmm, quite interesting indeed.
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thawind  +   1228d ago
So Sony is going to support 4k for their next console?
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