Nintendo of America holding Nintendo Direct conference tomorrow (10/2)

Nintendo of America is hosting a Nintendo Direct Mini tomorrow morning (10/2) to give more details on DLC for New Super Mario Bros 2. Hope for surprises is minimal but we can dream right?

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Shok2182d ago

After the last Direct, I'm not getting excited lol.

PopRocks3592182d ago

It's just an American version of the last one apparently. So it's just information about the NSMB2 DLC basically.

dark-hollow2182d ago

shouldn't we get a Nintendo Direct demonstrate the OS and the online capabilities a little bit more?

we still dont know much about both.

rnmartinez2182d ago

I'm just glad to see Nintendo open up a bit more. I hope that the WiiU represents a shift in attitudes.

stuntman_mike2181d ago

There's a Nintendo Direct on the 4th for Europe that will show all the new 3DS games that are coming soon.