PSN Suffers More Downtime For Some Users, 8071053D and NP-2239-6 Error Codes Sprout Up

It’s the beginning of a new month, and that means there’s no better way to celebrate another celestial calendar moment on this Earth than with another bout of downtime. - PSLS

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decimalator2089d ago

it was down for me just a minute ago

Pushagree2089d ago

Once again the media jumps the gun. I got the same error, but it only lasted for about 15 minutes. Probably just planned down time or something. Of course, that won't stop articles like this from coming up saying psn is hacked or something.

aviator1892089d ago

First of all, this article says nothing about the psn being hacked, just about it being down.

Second, articles pop up for xbl downtimes as well, even if they last only a few minutes and are back online by the time the article is submitted here.

The media are no more against or for a gaming console than any other out there. They all write them up for spreading any useful info, for clicks and hits due to the generated revenue.

rainslacker2089d ago


Why do we need an article to pop up every time these services go down though? Half the time it's not even PSN that's down, it's the persons ISP(last week was TW cable).

If it's an unusually long time then yeah I can see an article, but these are just articles to get people saying how bad the service is.

PS3Freak2089d ago

I got that error earlier, but I proceeded to shut down my PS3, boot it back up and it worked.

jadenkorri2089d ago

oh my god, i couldn't access PSN/live a couple days ago, totally written an article of how they suck... u guys didn't read it, why not.... oh that's right, i called my friend first and asked, hey can you log into psn/live, my friends reply was yes...ok hes just down the road, not in a different area code... next step, called my ISP, ok hold time... 30 mins later still holding, ok something must be going on. rebooted everything again, finally connected... Damn PSN/Live its all your fault for getting hacked again....

mewhy322089d ago

Wow..more down time. Well lets just hope that 5 days from now Sony doesn't send us all notices that our personal and cc information has been stolen from psn like last time.

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Axecution2089d ago

I've been signed in watching Arrested Development on Netflix for hours now (...what?) and i havent been signed out

Relientk772089d ago

I guess it depends what region you are in. I couldn't get on about 90 mins ago, it gave me 8071053D error, then tried again it gave me a message saying the PSN is undergoing maintenance.

But now I'm online no problems

doctorstrange2089d ago

But I had everyone on a match I was on disappear, and when I texted them they couldn't get online. Very odd.

Relientk772089d ago

That's weird

hopefully they can get online soon

yewles12089d ago

I was having 8071053D, it lasted an hour for me.

MmaFan-Qc2089d ago

no problem onb my side(in Canada_)

NeotheGamer2089d ago

You get what you PAY for ;)

doctorstrange2089d ago

I see what you did there...

Xof2089d ago

I think the occasionally service outage of 5-10 minutes is a small price to pay for free online.

To this day I'm still stunned Microsoft managed to get people to buy into the Xbox Live crap.

one2thr2089d ago

In this day and age, people tend to be ok with having to pay to use the other 50% of their game they already paid for... /s

Siren302089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Yeah it sucks having free trails with every xbla game, and being able to send voice messages to my friends and having a party chat where I can hear everyone really clear.

I would much rather pay $50 a year to get free game rentals on games I've owned for 3 years.

srcBFMVBMTH2089d ago

"I think the occasionally service outage of 5-10 minutes is a small price to pay for free online."


Also, wasn't the 360 cheaper than the PS3?

By their logic, the failure rate of the 360 really DID mean, "You get what you paid for". LMAO.

2089d ago
Toman852089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Its still good to get the whole game at one go. Then some downtime is nothing.
On Xbox 360 you must have Xbox Live Gold to get all the features of a game. Almost every game has some online features, then pay up to get the whole game. That is not bullshit, its the pure fact.

jimbobwahey2089d ago

Well the only paid online service around is Xbox Live and that has had downtime lasting a month and rampant hacking. I don't think that the argument that you get what you pay for can be made in this case :o

Siren302089d ago

I've been on xbox live since 2006 and it has never been down longer than a few hours for me.

JamieL2089d ago

Yea that's a 100% complete lie. Live has never been down a month, PSN is the only one with that honor, and "rampant hacking", LOL can you give an example? I've never had or even heard of anyone getting hacked on Live....Ever.

ItsTrue2089d ago

Haha don't see why people are getting upset over a good ol' joke!

Qrphe2089d ago

So you like paying $60 a year against the occasional maintenance?


TekoIie2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

But I didnt pa-..... Ah, I see what you did there.... You outwitted us this time but we will have the last laugh :3

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