Explaining Why Resident Evil Is No Longer Just About Horror | Resident Evil is a very long running franchise. It is mostly known for its revitalization of the survival horror genre back during the PS1 era. Now the whole series is being typecasted into that role and is generally unable to get out of that stance with the fans.

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-Mika-2093d ago

Great article. I hope these classic RE Fanboys read this. From a story standpoint. It just does not make sense to make the series a survivial horror game. If you want survival horror. Go play Dead Island single player or Silent hill.

computeSci2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Resident Evil 6 producer: "Survivor horror doesn't sell."

CAPCOM just wanted to copy COD and Gears of War success.

Then here comes "The Walking Dead" by Telltale games..., no focus on shooting..., and it sells millions.

I don't like the action-oriented direction this series took after 4. Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami doesn't like the direction the series is going... which is why he is making his own survivor horror game call "project Zwie"

Thank you Shiji Mikama - the one and only, "original" Resident Evil creator.

Thepcz2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

just because the t virus has spread worldwide doesnt mean you have to fight zombies on a mass scale. ie the way you do in RE6 is like you are in the army or something.

why not have the main character fight the zombies on a small scale- down alley ways, through buildings etc. the idea that the battle is on a large scale could be implied through seeing zombies out the window, or through cutscenes/news reports on running tvs etc. not guns blazing in the main road with thousands of zombies.

its obvious capcom could have went the direction i suggest, and keep RE firmly rooted to its origins, but they deliberately made it more action based. obviously because its more marketable.

Soldierone2093d ago

I agree. examples

TWD. The entire world is zombies with very few survivors, yet they are not writing stories about bum rush after bum rush, and when a zombie does appear its frightening. When you constantly have them it ruins the appeal. They still have rushes of them and it works.

Doom. They opened a gate to hell, and yeah it has a lot of shooting and action, but you still have the dark hallways, the monsters jumping out, the fear, and the horror behind it. Its a good mix.

Dead Space, again similar to Doom you have shooting and action, but a great blend of story and making monsters important and scary.

Its what goes with the action to make things meaningful and scary, and resident evil is forgetting how to do that.

Thepcz2093d ago

while on the subject of resident evil, may i present to you-


PrimeLantern2093d ago

Leons campaign is really good. Can't get into Chris.

Soldierone2093d ago

I tried the "action" story in the demo and all I could think is "w...t...f...." It was basically just COD, and then a giant monster comes out to kind of break that, but thats it. I mean honestly if they didn't call that Resident Evil I'd probably buy it and enjoy it, but calling COD with a Monster, Resident Evil? Really?

The sad thing is the "horror" one wasn't much better. Constantly shooting zombies and doing the same thing over and over (trip of zombie, wait for que, press stomp, fight zombie, fight zombie bum rush) ugh. I hope the game is better than the demo.

Thepcz2093d ago

that game is hardcore.... im stuck like 10 mins into the game! lol

Kyosuke_Sanada2093d ago

Congratulations, for playing the zenith of the Resident Evil series. It's a place "where everybody knows your name." yet it has enough new content to rattle Biohazard veterans.

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