Ubisoft finally admits what most of us already knew; Splinter Cell is not a stealth game anymore

DSOGaming writes: "Well, we all knew that the latest Splinter Cell game was not a stealth game. The E3 demo proved what most of us feared. Ubisoft attempted to streamline the experience and introduce a lot of action sequences in order to attract more gamers to it. Naturally, the French company tried to convince everyone that this was still the Splinter Cell game they knew and fell in love with. However, the company revealed at the Eurogamer Expo event that the franchise is no longer centered around its stealth roots."

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NYC_Gamer2122d ago

I could tell Splinter Cell was no longer about core stealth gameplay soon as Conviction was announced

RedDeadLB2122d ago

Having played Chaos Theory recently, I must say that Splinter Cell got waaaaaaaay too simple and easy with Conviction. I still enjoyed Conviction, but it was dumbed down to hell and back.

Yi-Long2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

... cause they're not the Splinter Cell games the fans love and want!

They should have just made it a completely new IP, and then it would have found it's own audience.

Personally, I'm very sad about how they destroyed the series. Chaos Theory was pretty much PERFECT.

Not interested in the newer games. It just feels 'wrong' somehow.

JAMurida2122d ago

I was just going to say. I've finally gotten around to playing the Splinter Cell HD collection on PS3, (played them a long time ago when I was younger non stop), and I've been working on getting a plat for each one of the three. I have to say that it's beyond sad that they would take the series and change it up like that. But I'm not going to give the whole "games for the mass" speech that I'm sure as been said many times before. Just hope that one day it will return to it's roots.

On a side note, I bought the soundtrack to Chaos Theory and trying to find the first Splinter Cell's soundtrack. Love the music used in the games.


And that Sir is the reason I refuse to play the game anymore.

RIP Splinter Cell.

HarryMasonHerpderp2122d ago

I love the original Splinter Cell trilogy.
Not a fan of the new games though =/

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Cupid_Viper_32122d ago

That's a really sad thing for gaming in general really. Splinter Cell was one of the few games to do stealth gameplay so well. I was 100% tense the entire time I was playing the game, as every enemy you encountered represented a new sets of problems. From raising alarms to knowing where how you're going to dispose of the body.

Good Old times are gone I guess. I hope the new one succeeds in whatever new experience that it is trying to bring us.

Blankman852122d ago

No stealth, no Ironside, no buy from me.

scotchmouth2122d ago

I stand with you in your reasoning

iamnsuperman2122d ago

Shame really because I loved it routes of the first game and pandora tomorrow.

r212122d ago

As they say, admitting is the first step to recovery ;D

Blankman852122d ago

Accept in this case where the junkie believes its a good thing and not a problem.

kostchtchie_2122d ago

that is weird because i seen plenty of stealth movement in the game demo, there was 2 routes you can go through demo, they just showed the action style route stupidly first

oh wait you got be dark house in dark room for it be stealthy right? ah right, you got to have small corridor so you can do the splits above someone in yet again a dark hallway, on dark night for it be stealthy right?


the only issue people should have with this game is loss of Ironside

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

If the fans say it's not a stealth game, and the devs say it's not a stealth game...there really isn't an argument.

Just because you got two routes it doesn't mean it is stealth.
Look at metal gear solid for a prime example of a stealth game. Better yet. The original Deus Ex or even Human Revolution. THOSE are stealth games.

PiccoloGR2121d ago

Don't forget the Thief series ;)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2121d ago

Ahh sorry. I never played the Thief series so it failed to come to mind. But I've heard great things about it :)

kostchtchie_2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

all these games do the same, mgs offers passive or hostile take downs, with corridor gameplay stealth, only original deus ex is tiny bit more open and gives few different routes to your objective again with hostile or passive take downs, same as the new deus ex, both play out like the new splinter cell, so i don't know what your trying to prove

this is one of the videos i watched of stealth play through splinter cell

nihonlight2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Tweaking a game to keep it fresh is a good thing.
Completely changing a game and keeping the name sucks.
What's next? Assassins creed with machine guns?
Or prince of Persia with cars?

Splinter cell is supposed to be a STEALTH game!

-GametimeUK-2122d ago

I think the complete change from Resident Evil 3 to 4 was a great one. Metroid turning into a First Person game was also a brilliant choice and well executed. Sometimes it works. MGS4 didn't work as an action game either and I am gutted they changed that franchise too.

Zefros2122d ago

You dind't have to play it like action game... there is even a emblem that tells you to sneak trough the game without alerts to get it... It's allways good to have choices.

nihonlight2122d ago

Yea but I mean it's what the game is known for.
Metriod wasn't turned into a fighting game, ^^

JAMurida2122d ago

The thing with MGS 4 though was that you could play it action or stealth and still get the same satisfaction without feeling the need to play a certain way. THAT is giving the gamer choice.

-GametimeUK-2122d ago

A bulk of MGS4 for me was just forced action scenes and boss fights. Full on action plays a bigger part in MGS4 than any other numbered MGS title to date. Heck, you can play Splinter Cell Conviction without raising alarms. Doesn't change the fact the action has a bigger part in the game.

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