Activision: PS3 Development Not a Problem

Activision has stated that, while other companies may be struggling to develop for the PlayStation 3, it has no such problem.

Speaking to investors during Activision's earnings conference call for the financial quarter ending 31/12/07, Michael J. Griffith, president & CEO of Activision's Publishing Unit, said:

"What you are seeing with many publishers is they are unable to simultaneously develop and launch on the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Instead, they develop and release one SKU at a time or they simply don't release a PS3 SKU at all. Call of Duty 4 represents the best-in-class next-generation development, making it the number one selling title of all time on the PS3."

"Over the past year, our central technology group has created a proprietary set of tools for next-gen development that has enabled our developers to address the challenging PS3 architecture in efficient ways. Our tools allow us to identify performance bottlenecks in the PS3 and focus our effort in a targeted way to improve performance that would otherwise without these tools simply be a trial-and-error approach."

While Griffith is clearly trying to send out the message that Activision is on top of developing for the PS3, the phrases "challenging PS3 architecture" and "performance bottlenecks in the PS3" still stand out.

Griffith also noted the PS3 as "a technically challenging platform where many continue to struggle".

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Violater3723d ago

the remotely negative term would be a standout

ionace3723d ago

Nothing is perfect .. thats my way of looking at it. some of the most difficult things to use make for the best results.

avacadosnorkel3723d ago

with all the extra room on the disc, all PS3 owners get is a couple extra players in multiplayer?

dude_uk3723d ago

dude if u are too dumb to post this sh1t don't even post it...

its not up to disc space (off course thats also a factor)
but its the DEVS THAT CHOSE what to put in each version of the game for the different consoles

mighty_douche3723d ago

Some have problems, some dont, why dont they share??

Kleptic3723d ago

SCE's development empire shares everything in house...and has tools available for free now to third parties (part of the EDGE kit pioneered with Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and Guerrilla)...

that is one reason that all first party stuff looks light years ahead of most 3rd party CoD 4 and UTIII...

not sure how 3rd parties handle it...I guess that is where middleware like UE3 comes in...but pretty much no developers have done good things with that, except for 2k and Epic...

timmyp533723d ago

Infantry Ward I wonder how easy it is to get help from Sony's ninjas. I always see special thanks to to guerilla games and stuff so I know some struggling developers can get a hand from some 1st party developers If they ask. All i know for sure is whatever they do they have to weane off the ports ASAP.

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The story is too old to be commented.