Sony Removes Release Dates For Entire 2012 Playstation Catalog

AnalogHype: "After the massive layoffs of the SCEA PR staff, the world wanted to know whats the next move for Sony and Playstation. Well it seems like the next step in the Playstation recovery plan was to remove all the release dates from the rest of this years products from Gamestop"

Update: The release dates haven't been changed on but if you call or go into your local Gamestop, they will confirm no release date at this time.

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blackboyunltd2278d ago

Sony has to be working on a new PR campaign for these games

jujubee882278d ago

All of the games for the rest 2012 will be featured in All-Stars.

100% confirmed.

Update: SuperBot has given a "We do not comment on rumors and speculation" response to our website.

RememberThe3572278d ago

I didn't even know they gutted their PR staff. Where was this article?

iamnsuperman2278d ago

I know right. I heard it on an invisible walls episode on gametrailers and it was on a brief thing in passing. No one seems to be reporting on it

knifefight2278d ago

It probably didn't get much N4G heat because it wasn't about 360 graphics comparisons, sales data, or boobs....

pixelsword2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

"Entire 2012 Playstation Catalog"

...The next three months?

At any rate, It's not about360 graphics comparisons, sales data, or boobs, so I'm inclined to think that it doesn't matter.

...Unless it's written on boobs.

Oh, and my favorite quote:

"he release dates haven't been changed on but if you call or go into your local Gamestop, they will confirm no release date at this time"

If the dates haven't changed, then they kinda are confirming the release date.


JD_Shadow2277d ago

From what people claim about PS3 fanboys "controlling the site", though, it should've by that logic alone, right?

Don't make assumptions if you're not ready to back them up!

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DivineAssault 2278d ago

Sony is undergoing so major changes.. I hope they clean house & remove all of the weakest links internally & set a good structure.. Theyre planning on changing up PSN too & i hope they get their new cloud network in order soon.. I would love to play games & watch videos with no loading & fast response..

dazzrazz2278d ago

2 bad you wont ! Especially if you live in US of A where average speed is 6.7 Mbps and that's just estimate.

Conzul2278d ago

I'm in Michigan and $60/mo to Comcast gets me 25mbps.

Where on earth are YOU?

DivineAssault 2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

what do u have dsl? lol i have comcast cable jr NWI US baby.. I have no idea what planet u live on.. Either way it doesnt matter.. Update shows that all this means is that future street dates can be broken from 1st party games.. That effin rocks

b777conehead2278d ago

on fios i get 100 mbs down and 50 mbs up load so speak for your self im in the usa

MrBeatdown2278d ago

If that average is correct, it's an average for everyone, including grandmas who have internet just for email and basic internet usage.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that internet speeds are higher on average for those who want to do more with their internet connection than the average joe.

NoFanboyRequired2278d ago

Im in wisconsin and using charter internet. $40 a month for 30 down and 10 up. And everyone i know has the same speed or faster.

whoyouwit042278d ago

you people are so dumb a lot people can't even get high speed internet, if you stay in a big city then sure you are going to have high speed internet but if you stay in the suburbs or country then the speeds you get will be limited, I know because I shit you not I have 3 houses in the same state of alabama. 1 deep in the country were I get Wildblue there top speeds are 12mps. but if it wasn't for wild blue do you know what my only other option is dail up I don't know or care what the speed is for that. my second house is closer to the city and I only have 2 choices for high speed Satalite and DSL, here I have NetZero DSL with 8mbs speeds, and my house in the city I have 30mbs threw charter. so I,m pretty sure the average speed for High speed is around 6 mbs, I even remember hearing the ceo of onlive saying that, so dazzrazz do know what he is talking about.

dc12278d ago

Wow! (I'm in southern MD where I get 37mbps down and 7 up).

@dazzrazz where do you live man?!

MyNameIsNotRick2278d ago

The us is 27th in the world in internet speed but we pay the most for our internet.

ABizzel12278d ago

Actually dazzrazz is right. The average speed is anywhere between 6Mbps - 12Mbps.

Thankfully most ISP have better plans available so there are those with 25Mbps, 50Mbps, and 1Gbps (one of the few good things about living in Kansas City)

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ZombieStalker2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Internet quotas...internet quotas. Between streaming video and cloud based gaming you will be paying quota overage fees out the butt!

And a large portion of rural America still has either slow internet (dialup) or high download, high latency connections (ie. Satellite internet).

MostJadedGamer2278d ago

Were not seeing the PS4 til Nov 2014. Sony desperately needs to try to make a profit on the PS3. Its going to be a little over 2 full years before we see the PS4.

Jazz41082277d ago

The reason it was not on n4g about the layoffs is because its negative against precious $ony. If this would have been ms laying off people it would be front page one million degrees full of hatefull sony fanboys guranteed as I have seen it in almost every article. The ms fans are outnuumbered on here easily 10 to 1.

konohashin2277d ago

Their weakest links are their customers that stopped buying their products....

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jujubee882278d ago

Excuse me while I play some Bob Marley and proceed to NOT GIVE A SINGLE [FCUK] THAT DAY!

...I think I'll play on my VITA. :D

Conzul2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Just bought a whole batch of Vita games myself =D

Gravity Rush is awesome.

josephayal2278d ago

Sony is busy with the PS4

jon12342278d ago

haha, you think a company focuses solely on one thing at a time ?

SilentNegotiator2278d ago

@Frank and Jon

Just be aware that you're responding to a complete troll.

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