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Back in 2010, THQ and developer, Vigil Games, released Darksiders. They were able to accomplish what all game developers and publishers dream of: release a new IP that is well received by both critics and consumers alike. With their new title eventually moving over one million units worldwide, it was just a matter of time before we eventually saw a sequel to the gory, action adventure game. Enter Darksiders II; a game that shows us what a real successor should be, and one that satisfies both fans and newcomers to the series.

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amaguli2274d ago

Darksiders II is such a great game. Looking forward to the DLC.

Stretch2274d ago

9.5?! Come on! Where's your standards?

manlypile2274d ago

In a briefcase with a sticker on it that says "standards"

MrAnderson2274d ago Show
BushLitter2274d ago

Don't understand how anyone could give this game anything less than 9.

I've read a lot about it's combat is not as good as GOW, and its platforming not being as good as POP, and its loot not being as good as Diablo, but name ONE other game that does it all.

This game has everything I like from every genre I love. Can't wait for the next one.

Psychonaughty2274d ago

I have to agree with you, as much as I loved the first game the sequel is an 8/10 max, possibly worse, I can't bring myself to finish the last world as apart from the first world I was completely bored the whole time.

Stretch2274d ago

I would give the first Darksiders an 8.5, and Darksiders II is worse in every single way. I myself wrote a review on it and gave it 7.1.

Keep in mind, if Darksiders II is a 9.5, then what do you give games like Portal 2, Dark Souls, Half-Life etc.

I feel like people who review games nowadays 'love' games but don't 'care' about them.

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