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PS3 Super Slim - Sony’s 5 Mistakes

MMGN: The Super Slim PS3 could have been something of interest to Sony fans or those yet to dabble in the PlayStation 3 market, but in the end, it's left floating in the wilderness. Who is it actually for? (PS3)

Godchild1020  +   1163d ago
I like the top loading because if my system happens to get the YLOD I will be able to get my game out. I don't have to wait to get my game out of the system (Not that I have to wait long now,but still).

What I am worried about is, will the game get easily scratched due to the system being moved, similar to what happens to the 360 disc?

The price is not to much, in a way its cheaper without the price drop. You get more space and for 20 dollars more you get 2 games or 70 dollars worth of extra stuff (depends on how you see it).
neoMAXMLC  +   1163d ago
If the disc needs to be clicked into place like in the PS2 slim, I doubt you'll need to worry about scratched discs. Blu Ray is very durable anyway.
bintarok  +   1163d ago
This might be the Sony's answer to steal Nintendo Wii U's thunder. IF you're looking for great library of exclusive games, you can't go wrong with the slimmer $250 PS3.

IF you're looking for a new fresh gaming experience, you may opt for the $300 Wii U. Fortunately, the PS3 will be able to mimic what the Wii U can do via new firmwares, but you may need to add $250 PS Vita in your purchase list too (especilly for new PS3 gamers.)
deletingthis34675334  +   1163d ago
For the 2 crappy games that will use the PS3 + PS Vita control setup. Such a groundbreaking technology.
Oh_Yeah  +   1163d ago
it needs wireless N! wtf sony? switching to this has no benefit over the current models. the 360 slim got it right with wireless N and a MUCH quieter system. but this? i dont see it, the current model is quiet, has slot loading, and the same wireless card...so your not getting quicker downloads, your not getting anthing with the super slim really. who would buy this over the wii u at the same price? -__-
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sjaakiejj  +   1163d ago
Who is it actually for?

Anybody who wants a Ps3.. It's all about reducing the costs of manufacturing, not about building something to compete with WiiU.
DarkHeroZX  +   1163d ago
true but this will actually cause all other existing models to go way down in price as well. So this may be the boost Sony needed.
HammadTheBeast  +   1163d ago
Only problem I see is pricing, which will be fixed soon enough with the holiday season.
TheLyonKing  +   1163d ago
Oh my god so many doom and gllom articles when anything sony appears it is crazy this like the 4th negative thing I have read about the super slim.

Price is fine for a great looking console which is 500gb and in europe the 12gb upgradable flash console for a tiny bit cheaper is also reasonable.

A part from maybe the price the super slim looks fantastic.
live2play  +   1163d ago
Oh em gee i know right? Why is sony always getting picked on... like fur realz IM CEREAL

Why not nintendo? No one ever picks on nintendo!
TheLyonKing  +   1163d ago
why are you even mentioning nintendo in a Sony Article, My point am trying to make is sony have a great product that's priced perfectly for each model one which undercuts the wii U price.

Don't see why you had to comment on mine just to winge that the nintendo gets picked on cause like I have said before this is a SONY article.

Just incase you didnt see what I wrote S.O.N.Y article there is no need to bring N.I.N.T.E.N.D.O in it.

In the words of Axel got it memorized?
ame22  +   1163d ago
Seems people are warming up for the next-gen console war, that's all.
kingPoS  +   1163d ago
The only mistake I can see would be if Nyko doesn't make another media hub for the new ps3 slim.

I can't function without my four ports. lol
InTheLab  +   1163d ago
I disagree with the notion that the slim models for consoles are upgrades. Both the Slim and Sslim are clearly downgrades made to appeal to the last few holdouts. It's not like the 360 slim that is clearly an upgrade to the nice shiny black finish with touch sensitive panels and built in wifi. It's clearly something built on the cheap and will serve as the entry level console going into next gen.

The author must have missed the previous two gens when Sony did the exact same thing and sold 250m+ consoles following the same strategy. The price will drop soon enough but you can't expect Sony to do it now and kill off any hope of selling the consoles until this thing drops...
Straightupbeastly  +   1163d ago
No offense Sony, but the Sega Saturn from 1995 looks more advanced
DC1980  +   1163d ago
I'll stick with my current PS3 Slim. Almost 2 years and counting.
yokokoroma  +   1163d ago
The idea, that the PS3 slim needs to drop in price, to below $249 is foolish. It's as Jack Tretton stated, "people are buying the slim, at it's current set price", so why would SONY drop the price, when it seems people think, the PS3 slim, is worth the set price. If people stopped buying it at $299, and $249, and no one was buying them, then you would see a price drop. It's supply and demand, no demand, equals price drop. You can argue, it's not in high demand, (i.e. it's launch) but demand, is still there. It should also be noted that, at $299 you're getting a 500GB HD, compared to the PS3's 60GB for $599, and even the 20GB at $499. Any PS gamer waiting to get a PS3, couldn't choose a better time to get one. As far as, who's the target consumer goes, it's anyone.
josephayal  +   1163d ago
More Profit a MISTAKE? no way
Patrick  +   1163d ago
lol This article is junk...

"I thought we unanimously agreed that top loading isn’t cool? It seems a strange choice for Sony, and was a clear weakness of the PS2 Slim when you inevitably stepped on it."

Step on it? Really? Yes cause I always go walking around in my TV stand... and if you don't have a stand to place it in, why would anyone place their gaming systems on the floor in known foot traffic areas? Really? I wont even put my games on the floor. This is beyond pathetic.
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ajax17  +   1163d ago
Who's the target market? Gee, I wonder... People who don't have a PS3.

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