How The WiiU Can Survive In The Next-Gen War

TheScrubDaily:"On November 18th, Nintendo’s tablet and console combo will hit the shelves. To be frank, I’m worried about the system. After the semi-disappointing Wii, many gamers feel a bit burned.

Selling on hype won’t work this time.

So it’s time Nintendo buckles down and really does something great with this system, else we’ll see the next N-Gage."

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AO1JMM2284d ago

Huge sales number like this gen.

mike1up2284d ago

Nintendo's in a really good position right now. If they stay aggressive with 3rd party support, and continue to make great first party software, they'll be fine.

GrumpyOldGamer2283d ago

The Wii survived pretty well in this current gen war... I love how people always underestimate Nintendo... Just makes it that much sweeter when they succeed...

live2play2283d ago

haha those are my exacts thoughts, to the letter

i think it was good that nintendo go all this hate, all these "LOL kiddy games console" comments, got critized for their lack of third party, online or lack thereof

now they learned, and are going to put it into action

from the bottom of my heart

THANK YOU trolls
THANK YOU ps360 fanboys
THANK YOU "hardcore" gamers
THANK YOU the whiners of this generation
THANK YOU for making nintendo better this gen

a nintendo fan

BitbyDeath2283d ago

New consoles are wanted pretty badly by a lot of people at the moment so i think Nintendo has a great opportunity to cash in on that.

--Onilink--2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I think people have no reason to be worried. The specs we know so far paint a very good picture. In the WORST case scenario, the WiiU is 3-4 more powerful than current gen.

I think its obvious the PS4/720 will have more power than the WiiU, but in no way its going to be another Wii scenario where they had to make a completely new engine just for the Wii version. If anything, i think it might be a diference like: PS4/720 = MAX Settings vs WiiU = Medium Settings.

Which for people interested in better graphics is a big diference (reason i own a High end PC now) but they could still easily make the WiiU port in case of 3rd party games

--Onilink--2283d ago

Not to mention, this generation has changed things in a big way for both MS and Sony.

MS: Im 100% sure they will be pushing Kinect in a huge way next gen, with it probably being included in every console. That alone means there is less money for MS to put under the hood of the 720.

Sony: Unlike the 360, im not that sure Sony will make a big push with Move, in fact i think might ditch it entirely. So we might not get anything to replace it, which gives Sony some extra cash to spend on the PS4 hardware. What sets the diference with the competition is that Sony is in a very though financial situation right now, to the point THEY said they wouldnt go crazy like they did with the PS3.

So those 2 scenarios, and the fact that the WiiU actually does seem to pack a punch compared to the current gen is what makes me feel pretty sure the WiiU wont lack 3rd party support later on (at least not because of a power thing)