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Woman Uses Kinect To Send Email For The First Time Since Her Stroke Twelve Years Ago

Kotaku- Here's a heartwarming story: a man named Chad Ruble hacked a Kinect to allow his mom, a stroke victim, to send e-mail for the first time in 12 years. Watch and enjoy.

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Sabrina_Holmes1419d ago

That is such a great story to read. Always great that technology can help make some people's lives easier that suffered like that.

Muffins12231419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

I wounder who the dick was to disagree to your comment...(Edit:Probably the one guy who disliked it on youtube lol)

HammadTheBeast1419d ago

I know this probably isn't the time. But imagine if the account gets banned lol! Badum Tish!

Thanks, I'll be here all night.

Snookies121419d ago

Yeah, I may not really care for the Kinect, but this is definitely nice to see. :]

GribbleGrunger1419d ago

Let's not wish her well, let's advertise Kinect. It's all so touching.

Tetsujin1419d ago

So I'm not the only one who thought of that...

Redgehammer1419d ago

So, you are happy to find someone else that`s as callous, and unfeeling, as your comment frames you to be?

GribbleGrunger1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Callous is taking this story and putting it on a gaming site to advertise Kinect. You clearly don't understand context.

This is sickening

cpayne931419d ago

The video was made by the son of that women there, a guy who also created the hack. You honestly think he is doing this to advertise kinect?

dark-hollow1419d ago

oh, if it isn't the king of tinfoil hats.
everything is an evil scheme done by Microsoft.

Blankman851419d ago

Was wondering how you and your brethem would come in and ruin this. That was low. Wish they'd just ban you already

MattyG1419d ago

And the award for "D-bag of the year" goes to... GribbleGrunger for his incredible achievements in soul-sucking! Congratulations!

Knight_Crawler1419d ago

@GribbleGinger - I hope Satan has a seat reserved for you right next to him.

People like you take fanboyism to another level.

Ben_Grimm1419d ago

Seriously, could you be anymore of a complete a##.

To turn this into a Kinect issue. Pathetic.

Trenta271419d ago

Nice going. That old lady is going to see this and cry because of you.

edonus1419d ago SpamShow
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IWentBrokeForGaming1419d ago

Really heartfelt story... but notice what Kinect is doing for gaming...

Belking1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

"but notice what Kinect is doing for gaming.."

Doing enough to keep people like you Kinect has done more for gaming and the industry than move, which is half past dead. I own both and kinect is more versatile whether its enjoying a game with the kids or using it to navigate the xbox dashboard.

This is a great story and Kinect is awesome technology and the device has a bright future. The above video is a perfect example of how versatile it can be.

CommonSenseGamer1419d ago

I finally picked up kinect over the weekend. Its everything that the ps3 eye should have been but isn't. Its the most fun I've had watching my kids play since we had the eyetoy on PS2.

MySwordIsHeavenly1419d ago

:D I'm so happy to read something like this. I would highly recommend donating to companies who are trying to help the disabled, be it games or anything else.

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