Sony Wants More ‘Art-House’ Titles

Few people who have played Journey can say they weren’t at least a little impressed by it. The game’s (estimated) sales figures and popularity support that its artsy style and off-the-beaten-path gameplay resonated with fans. With that in mind, along with other indie titles that have risen to the top, Sony is looking to expand its library these “art-house” games.

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Seventh_Blood_Reborn2290d ago

This is why I already know I' m going to buy a PS4, a PS5, a PS6 ...

I'll buy their products as long as they continue to have this kind of attention.

KingofGambling2290d ago

good for you buddy, keep on gaming.

Sketchy_Galore2290d ago

Fantastic. The rise of these artistic PSN games is comparable to the rise of the more personal, genre busting low budget film making of the 70's and are the main thing that's going to get games respected as a valid artistic medium.

from the beach2290d ago ShowReplies(5)
r212290d ago

Unfinishded Swan, Papo & Yo, Retro/Grade, Journey. Art games i love :D

wastedcells2290d ago

Sony just wants something fresh and new. They always have. Doesn't always pay off though but I applause their effort to keep pushing creativity.