Oddworld Inhabitants wants Abe in PlayStation All-Stars

"But the developer hasn't gotten back to us," reveals development director

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Relientk772287d ago

I want Abe to be in PS All-Stars

Freak of Nature2287d ago

Without doubt...Plus throw in the "Stranger" from Strangers Wrath...

NukaCola2287d ago

Abe is a perfect addition to PS All Stars. He defined the PS One when it launched. He is a great character with many abilities to even include grenades and a super with the Skrukill and plus Abe's Oddysee is relaunching soon in HD under a new engine and it would be great publicity for bringing Abe and Oddworld Back. Also, I would love to see Rupture Farms as a stage...or any Oddworld locale...Oddworld Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus have some of the most beautiful and detailed locations of any game ever made.

George Sears2287d ago

I can imagine one of his supers. Possessing a character and throwing a huge fart which knocks the rest off the map. Ultimate!

MasterCornholio2286d ago

Level 3 super.

Abe opens up a bottle of Soul Storm and drinks it. Then he crouches and emits a huge fart and nukes everyone on the stage.

That would be funny as hell.

Sizzon2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

They should contact Superbot and tell them :-)

Edit - ah they did, hopefully superbot will have him as DLC atleast.

he is kind of a classic, his 2 games exoddus and odyssey were big 2D platforming titles.

izumo_lee2287d ago

Wow! An actually developer who are jumping to have their character represented in the game, now that is a rare thing.

You see that Squarenix & Activision, maybe you two can learn a thing or two about good publicity.

smashcrashbash2287d ago

I am sure other jumped to have their characters in teh game as well. Who says Parappa and Medievil developers weren't as eager to put their characters in the game?

izumo_lee2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Well Parappa & MediEvil are Sony owned franchises so these characters were bascially chosen.

What i was trying to say is why some 3rd party developers are not asking Superbot to be in the game but rather have Superbot ask permission first.

Squarenix became a juggernaut in the game industry thanks to the partnership they had with Sony back in the late 90s on the PS1 & PS2. They helped each other become successful. So it SHOULD be a no brainer that the companies defining character Cloud should be represented in the game.

Crash is an icon in the Playstation world & to have him just do nothing & rot away is a tragedy. Activision should have when the game was announced say "here is Crash go nuts!".

TheCopyNinja2287d ago

Yes! Abe needs to be added even if it's by dlc. He deserves a spot.

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The story is too old to be commented.