Top 5 Upcoming Game Releases (September 2012)

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

September is a transitional month for video game releases. The summer drought is coming to an end, but gamers aren’t out of the woods just yet. The fall onslaught is still a month and a half away, so you could call these games appetizers. Here are the top 5 upcoming game releases of September 2012.

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lorcraven1970d ago

Clicked for the picture, didn't read the article though.

If someone isn't going to take their own article seriously why should I.

r211970d ago

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Anyways, looking forward to BL2 and LBPV :D

007Bond1970d ago

Putting near naked asian girls only for hits huh?

Squall50051970d ago

Damn you penis! That's the last time I let you choose an article.

DivineAssault 1970d ago

DOA looks good.. I really hope it turn out that way.. Team ninja hasnt been the same