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Submitted by ReZoN 1261d ago | opinion piece

Where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

TechDeville writes: The Final Fantasy franchise is considered by many to be the king of the JRPG genre. The franchise reached it’s peak with Final Fantasy VI and VII, which captured the hearts of gamers everywhere. VII, in particular, set the standard for JRPGs and is a highly revered game overall, spawning several prequels and sequels that are collectively known as the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

From there onwards, Final Fantasy slowly crumbled. Although Final Fantasy X and XII were adored by many fans, there is no doubt that VII ruled over them all. No Final Fantasy game has been able to surpass VII. In fact, the standard of Final Fantasy games fell so low with the release of XIII and it’s sequel, XIII-2, that people began to believe that there would never be a better Final Fantasy.

However, there is one game that could break VII’s monopoly. This game is Final Fantasy Versus XIII. (Final Fantasy XV, PS3)

Godmars290  +   1261d ago
Wada's holding it back until he wins the in-house corporate battle and gets it announced as a multiplatform, Xbox/PS3, title.
Treian  +   1261d ago
You realize TETSTUYA NUMORA is leading this project. He NEVER does multiplats.
Afterlife  +   1261d ago
Never say... I'm going to go there.
Cocozero  +   1261d ago
What about TWEWY?
Godmars290  +   1261d ago
Yeah, never say never.

As messed up and confused this gen - and especially its fans - have become I believe that if Nomura can produce notable advantages for it as a PS3-only title, that Wada will sacrifice that and any other game integrity to sell it as a multiplatform.

I mean I'm already doubting that Versus will have a truly good and engaging story, but I sure that if Wada could have his way that he'd toss out any hope of it at least being decent.
colonel179  +   1261d ago
He NEVER does multiplats, but that doesn't mean that OTHER team would be in charge of porting it. Also, he said that even though it would not be multi platform because it is not being done for both consoles, the decision to have a port done is not his, but SE's.
Moncole  +   1261d ago
Square Enix can tell him to do it and he has to listen, they are his boss.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1261d ago
SuperLupe  +   1261d ago
Where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Running on a 360 in SE headquarters.
Cocozero  +   1261d ago
It has to muiltiplatform now, the dev costs must be through the roof by now, there's only so much Sony will pay for.
Treian  +   1261d ago
Uh no. The game has been built for the PS3 only. Making it multiplat would delay the game for another century and not to mention cut a lot of content and ruin a lot of the game.
DigitalAnalog  +   1261d ago
As if porting does not cost anything.
Reibooi  +   1261d ago
Yes it's true that the game is costing a crap load to make however one has to wonder if SE is aware of the negative image they have from alot of people within the gaming community. If they are it's entirely possible that Versus will release as a PS3 exclusive so it can be something of a vanity project. I.E something that will likely not make money but will nonetheless make fans happy.

I'll say that from what little we saw of the game it seemed to be something that would have it's quality and game contents extremely compromised if it were to go Multi platform. We saw the impact going Multi plat had on XIII and the quality of Versus was always notably higher then XIII's was.

On top of that Nomura has talked about stuff that we have not yet seen running that would be even more demanding then what we have seen thus far.

I'm not saying it's impossible to go multi plat but I'm just saying it seems unlikely for so many reasons.
Godmars290  +   1261d ago
If the game comes in at over 10GB, there's no way Square's going to escape accusations of having to cut content or reduce quality if there's an Xbox version.

Consequently, if somehow in this day and age where the entirety of the industry, East and West both, have put a question mark over themselves in terms of quality if Nomura can honestly pull one off and make Versus *GOOD* while limiting it to one system - it will very likely sell.

Not something all that big given the late console era, but if it beats XIII's numbers total that should send enough of a message to Square. Hopefully.
Ragnaarock  +   1261d ago

If versus when multiplat and was anywhere near 10GB you bet your @ss they will have a problem. Especially when FFXIII was over 30GB. I wouldn't be surprised if Nomura is trying to max the space he has available on the BD disc. Which would be a pretty big problem for an MS port seeing as how that would be 4-5 dvd discs. I also have a feeling that Nomura will no longer be a part of Square if they do decide to go multiplat.
fermcr  +   1261d ago
Final Fantasy Versus XIII doesn't exist any more. It became Final Fantasy XV and will be released on next gen consoles.
Hozi89  +   1261d ago
Wada clarified that and said the game was still in production as Versus 13 and it will be at TGS.
Kin23g  +   1261d ago
Where is FFXIIIVs?
... in development.

Just like it was 6 years ago.
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ilovepersona  +   1261d ago
This is like the 5th where is Versus article I've seen recently, I hope it lives up to the hype, but to all those clinging to it to be the hope to save Final Fantasy, good luck.
wishingW3L  +   1261d ago
true that man. Just the other day another article about the same topic but from GameInformer was submitted and before that one I remember 2 or 3 more!

The conclusion is that the hype for FFvs is off the charts! The game will sell lots even if it stays exclusive and beside, like 80% of the sales of FFXIII and XIII-2 where from the PS3 version alone anyway.
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Afterlife  +   1261d ago
Development hell :( I bet XIII-3 will release before Versus.
colonel179  +   1261d ago
Sadly, it looks like in 2 days it will be the case.
Yangus  +   1261d ago
This true Final Fantasy:D
Summons75  +   1261d ago
Already back to the FFvs13 dosen't exsist or "wah they are taking to long to make a good game" least wait till after TGS to do this crap not barely a month since the stupid Kotaku hits article
DarkRenzokuken  +   1261d ago
XIII-2 is one of my favourite Final Fantasy games!
I have kinda given up with Versus XIII. Sure, I will get excited IF something is shown at TGS because after all Square was going to show Versus XIII at E3 then pulled it away a couple months before E3.

But, Square are needing to show and announce a game called, KINGDOM HEARTS 3! I am done with the spin offs! Also, Square let the XIII series die! I don't want XIII-3, I want X HD, Kingdom Hearts 3/HD and Versus XIII. Just focus on those last three then make XV or if you finally give into demands VII remake but those other three first! =D
user5467007  +   1261d ago
FF13-2...favoirte FF game :|

Guess you've never played older FF to FF are we ?
Summons75  +   1261d ago
That's a stupid line of thinking. I've played FF since 6 was considered 3 and FF13-2 is in my top 5 FFs. Just because people like dosen't mean they haven't played older more likely means that they are the true fans that have an open mind about things and don't jerk to FF7
wishingW3L  +   1261d ago
@Summons75 you have awful taste for games then. 0_O
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Hicken  +   1261d ago
It's his personal tastes. Just like I personally think VII was decent at best and would play virtually any other game in the franchise before it. The music was superb, but to me, everything else was just average. My top 3 would be VIII, X, and XII.

But that's MY opinion.

Summons has a larger point, too: most FF "fans" seem to be unable to accept that a game other than VII is the best in the series, even going as far as to say it's the greatest rpg(and, often, greatest game) of all time. To that end, they look at every other FF through the "Is it like VII" goggles- presented by Nostalgia, Inc.- and come to the conclusion that since it's NOT like VII, it's also NOT AS GOOD.

Personally, XIII-2 wasn't my thing, mostly because it was incongruous with its predecessor. I do realize, however, that it's a lot like the difference between X and X-2(the two games tell different stories of the same world at different times in its identity), and that a lot of the problems people had with XIII(problems I DIDN'T have, mind you) were addressed.

Let Summons have his preference, just as you're free to prefer VI, or VII, or X, or whatever.
DarkRenzokuken  +   1258d ago
Dude. My Username is DarkRenzokuken.
Renzokuken is a move preformed by Squall Leonheart in Final Fantasy VIII.

I have been playing Final Fantasy since I was 7...
Final Fantasy XIII-2 was just pretty awesome~! Different opinions, I guess...
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1261d ago
They should really save these articles until after TGS. If it's not at TGS then go ahead and write a bunch of these articles. They said it's not cancel, they said the next announcement would be soon a couple of months ago, the next announcement is suppose to have a load of info and is supposed to be running live on a PS3
Qrphe  +   1261d ago
It's development, and that's all we know. I guess it's too much to ask to stop these type of articles.
colonel179  +   1261d ago
If there is no news at TGS consider it dead. They claim that the game is still in development, but remember that they claimed that FF XIII wouldn't go multi platform, so that's Square Enix. It is not trustable in any way whatsoever.

If there is news during TGS, then let's hope that they do give a release that, and that it's international, because if the release is for next year in Japan, maybe it won't be released outside of Japan anytime soon. With this generation coming to an end, I don't understand why and what they are waiting for. They could release it after the next gen consoles are out, just like God of War 2 did, but I don't see how that would help them.

It could also be announced for next gen consoles, and if that were the case, consider it multi platform.
-Gespenst-  +   1261d ago
We don't need anymore of these articles.
3-4-5  +   1261d ago
I really want to get into FF games. The only thing is that anything past X has absolutely no appeal to me at all.

The past titles interest me and I will be playing 4 eventually for DS, but It would be cool for them to go back to the FF9 style.

Maybe it's time they realize the game had more charm when there wasn't voice acting.
wishingW3L  +   1261d ago
and you're not alone, I share your pain. ;_;
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GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1261d ago
coming to next gen consoles, :)
abzdine  +   1261d ago
if nothing comes up furing TGS that means this game is probably cancelled.
Magnus  +   1261d ago
I still say FFVS13 should have been released before releasing FF13-2 but SquareEnix screwed that up. SquareEnix has to release the game soon the hype is dying down fast on this title. Instead of releasing FFVS13 they are set to release FF14. As it stands now FFVS13 is on my back burner too many other great titles to focus on.
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Parappa  +   1261d ago
You have to save the best for last. Wait until they're done releasing those shitty FF13 sequel/saga rehashes first.
DigitalRaptor  +   1261d ago
TGS is your friend impatient and stubborn ones, and if it is multiplat, then I hope you guys will be happy in the knowledge of what will have been sacrificed to get it running using DVD9, breaking the pacing of the game, as well as the features that will be cut as a result and sold to you as Versus XIII-2.

That is the one and only outcome from a multiplat decision. Otherwise, I'm awaiting what is possible from Nomura and team using the best of what PS3 has to offer.
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Donnywho  +   1261d ago
Could always ask Kotaku...
FinaLXiii  +   1261d ago
Its coming next year FF13-2 was a necessary evil for polishing this game.

I have great expectations for this game please Square Enix do not disappoint.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1261d ago
Personally I'm hoping for a TGS2012 annoucement. Along with SE annoucning the release date on VersusXIII and FFXIII-3 for the same year 2013 as it would be the perfect year and to finally end fabula nova crystalis. Also It would be a RLLY good year of final fantasy for me atleast
DragonKnight  +   1261d ago
FFVII did NOT rule them all. Blind nostalgia does not a great game make. There are/were better games even in the FF franchise. I tire of hearing the same stuff spewed about FFVII as though it is the god of all RPG's and the best thing to ever happen to Final Fantasy. It isn't and never was.
izumo_lee  +   1261d ago
I said this once in another thread but it is worth repeating my strong beliefs on what i think is happening with this game.

We have seen so little of FFvs.13 cause the problem was when Squarenix decided to multiplatform FF 13 it handcuffed them to an extent. Look FF 13 is a good game, but it was not the FF game the fans were looking for or expected for a next gen FF game. Be it bad use of development time or the limitations of the XB360's DVD format, we saw first hand how FF 13 ended up as & the backlash the game received. From speculations of cut content, tensions from the development staff, to the forcing of un-necessary sequels.

With FFvs.13 there are very few limitations to deal with so Nomura & his team are free to make the game how they want it to look & play. By showing this game & releasing it pretty much shows that Squarenix made the wrong decisions in developing FF 13. So Wada being the 'proud' japanese man he his is trying very hard to show as little of this game as possible. To not admit the mistakes he has constantly made with the Final Fantasy franchise since he took over at Squarenix.

Unfortunately for him there will be a time that he will be forced to show & release FFvs.13 for the world to see what a Final Fantasy game if you are focused on a single platform.

Not saying that FF should be exclusive to a single platform....all i am saying is FINISH developing a game on a platform it was intended for. It is OK to port a game over after it is all done.

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