Q&A - Propaganda's Holmes On Turok, UE3, Coding Cross-Platform

In this in-depth interview, Josh Holmes, co-founder of Propaganda Games, talks to Gamasutra about picking up the big, scaly tail of a license that's older than many people expect and how he hopes a focus on AI will reboot the Turok franchise and make dinosaurs scary again.

Holmes also shares his perspective on the Canadian development scene, working with Unreal Engine 3, and the challenges of cross-platform development.

When asked about future projects, Holmes said: "if Turok is a big success, we'll go on and develop more games in that universe, but we're waiting to see how that goes.

Then we have a second project that's in development. We haven't made any announcements about it, but I can say that it's an action RPG."

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mistertwoturbo3852d ago

Demo was meh. Hopefully the actual game turns out decent.

GurlPlease3852d ago

Gurl, I guess that means no Turok 2 for next gen consoles lol. Chile...