DayZ Standalone Won't Initially Support Mods

DSOGaming writes: "DayZ has already hit one million gamers and ironically, the standalone version of this ArmA 2 mod won't initially support mods"

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CyanLite2111d ago

A mod in a mod... Modception.

PiccoloGR2111d ago

Lol. Imagine if someone mods DayZ to make it similar to ArmA 2. Now that would be hilarious

CyanLite2111d ago

Hahahaha, yes it would be!

Aggesan2111d ago

It has already been done. Lingor Island is map/mod used on unofficial servers for DayZ.

Shadonic2111d ago

I know bro would be cool if ms , Sony, and Nintendo cut a deal and brought it to consoles with cross compatability where we can play with ppl on other consoles. Seeing how ms did with minecraft it's possible.

CommonSense2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

they would really have to tweak the controls to make it work well with a controller. arma 2 has the most complex controls i've seen in a shooter.

ThanatosDMC2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I hope they use the Stratos since it's bigger than Arma 2 Chernorus and has 50+ towns/city/bases.

Join me in Day Z. I'm in US 1211 by NE Stary Sabor on the mountain. I'll leave a campfire on since it's dark as balls. Say "friendly" first and dont shoot me.

I have two other people with me. We have Ghillies. Hold on to a chemlight or throw a flare if you wanna join us. We'll wait till 11:20pm Central.