NCsoft Exec Matt Turetzky Explains How Guild Wars 2 Was Designed For Every Gamer

With Guild Wars 2, a packaged PC massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that foregoes monthly subscriptions, readying for its global release, gamers finally will be able to explore the world of Tyria for more than a beta weekend. Matt Turetzky, executive vice president at NCsoft, took some time to talk about how ArenaNet designed the fantasy MMO game for a broad audience and what the challenges are in the fast-evolving online games space in this exclusive interview.

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ATi_Elite2233d ago

Well August 28th can't get here fast enough!!!

rdgneoz32233d ago

August 25th can't get here fast enough (pre-purchase :P)

Peekayboo2233d ago

Meh its something to do but far from the next great thing

Farsendor12233d ago

its not the next great thing but it does take exciting features from other mmorpg puts them in one game and guild wars 2 has its own features that haven't really been in an mmorpg in the past.

2 short videos that have a lot of information