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5 Characters I Want To See In A 4th Super Smash Game

"Thanks to the various rumors and rumblings circulating within the Nintendo community, it seems pretty likely we’ll be seeing a fourth entry in their acclaimed Super Smash Bros series before long. Nintendo has already proven over the course of three games that they can deliver a premiere brawling experience featuring a broad cast of old and new characters from the developer’s long history." (3DS, Nintendo DS, Super Smash Bros., Wii, Wii U)

Jirachi  +   904d ago
Here's my five(i want all 5 to be Playable)
1.Jirachi(Who didn't see this coming? lol)
2.Midna(I want to play as both versions of her.)
3.Toadette(a bit of a pipe dream,i'll admit but hey she had a cameo in SMG 1 so maybe it's possible)
4.Terra Branford(Unlikely because IF a final fantasy character is playable it will be cloud...)
5.Tails(I'm pretty sure sonic isn't leaving)
jacksonmichael  +   904d ago
I think the chances of a FF character making it in are low, and the chances of it being Cloud are even lower. Terra would probably have the best chance.
Jirachi  +   904d ago
Not really,for some reason SE is obessed with final fantasy VII.
I personally don't like FFVII much but the fact it's probally the best selling game,and the the highest reviewed game in the seris makes them them think FFVII Is the best game in the seris(Imo,FFVII is one the five worst ff games)
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gamerben  +   904d ago
what made ff7 bad? is it because everyone else likes it?
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Jirachi  +   904d ago
No,by that logic i can't like ocarina of time. I don't like it because to me the battle system was boring,and the story was boring too. Half the reason ppl like ffvii is because what happened to aeris.
Just because you see a plot twist you didn't expect doesn't make the game "The best game ever"
gamerben  +   904d ago
I didn't see anything wrong with the battle system, other than it was a tad too easy. It was certainly better than FFXII imo.
Relientk77  +   904d ago
HiddenMission  +   904d ago
I would like Geno from Mario RPG...for some reason I really liked that cat.
MonopolyRSV  +   904d ago
Bring back Mewtwo.
AgreeFairy  +   904d ago
Super Smash Brothers? Wow, looks like Nintendo is planning on copying Playstation All-Stars.
PopRocks359  +   904d ago
1. Shantae

2. Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario

3. One of the six hunters from Metroid Prime Hunters

4. Gray Fox

5. Shulk (from Xenoblade)

And for argument's sake, bring back Mewtwo and add in Marina from Mischief Makers as a third party character.
prototypeknuckles  +   904d ago
i want to see
1-Knuckles(im sure sonic wont leave)
2-ridley(hes a freaking dragon)
3-mewtwo(always prefered mewtwo to lucario, sorry)
4-jack cayman(never will happen, but i can dream)
5-thats pretty much it so ill say a character that i love that has 0% chance of being in PRINCE OF PERSIA

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