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Uncharted: Golden Abyss is the fourth installment in the Uncharted series and the series’ first portable version. It was one of the first games released for the PlayStation Vita and so far was the only one to start off at a price of $49.99 unlike other PS Vita games which had the default price of $39.99. It was developed by SCE Bend Studio, with development overseen by Naughty Dog.

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Romudeth2119d ago

When I get a Vita this will be my first purchase. Only game worth it on the Vita that I can see.

dafegamer2119d ago

gravity rush might disagree with you

CommonSenseGamer2119d ago

Can't believe it didn't sell a lot better than it did. Came and went in a couple of weeks.

DanielBryan2119d ago

The touch screen bits ruin this game.I got it yesterday and the touch controlls are a total bother.Still great other than that.

MattyG2119d ago

I felt the same, but by the time I finished it I had mostly forgotten about them. They are a very small part of the game. I would've preferred that they be removed, but they aren't a huge hindrance to the game.

Knushwood Butt2119d ago

The only touch screen stuff that was a bit annoying were the rubbings.

I enjoyed everything else, and most of it you had the option to use keys or the touch screen.

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belac092119d ago

mgs hd collection is THE best game so far on vita. gravity rush and disgaea 3 are second and when persona 4 comes out it will be tied for first place.

Romudeth2119d ago

I forgot about MGS on Vita. That would be the best on the system. The problem is that I already own it for the PS3. I don't see the point of getting the Vita version when you can just get the PS3 one. But yeah, that is a good choice.

I guess I'll look into gravity rush since others have mentioned it.

Smokingunz2119d ago

No doubt golden abyss is one of the best games for the vita! The touch screen elements are awful though and the aiming isn't smooth at all, they were only like 3-4 enemies on screen most of the time and last but not least, the game only gets good and pics up in the final chapter. A solid 8/10 though.

Knushwood Butt2119d ago

The aiming is perfect. Use the gyro sensors properly.

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