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Mass Effect 4: What we want to see

CVG - Since beginning in September 2007 Commander Shepard's intergalactic battle against the Reapers has spanned three games, an additional three spin-off titles, four novels and seven comics. (Mass Effect 4, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

rufusman91  +   993d ago
There won't be a Mass Effect 4 ever.
showtimefolks  +   993d ago
i don't know i think you are right no ME4 but more Me games for sure prequels or sequels

ME IP is just too important to let it die out. also hopefully newer games will be on ps4,xbox720 just so they can push the tech more
da_2pacalypse  +   993d ago
ANY IP that EA owns is considered dead in my eyes. Whether they've already ruined it, or the last iteration was awesome... the series is bound to have all of it's features streamlined to the point where the game feels nothing like the original title(s). They literally expect every single IP to sell cod numbers.

They'll make an ME4 alright... but it won't be necessary or needed. They'll do it, market the crap out of it, rush the product, and expect it to sell millions.

thats_just_prime  +   993d ago
I want them to make it more of a rpg like the 1st one and less like the crappier 2&3 shooters.

With ME that got a lot to work with to make more games as far as story. They could do a whole new cast and set it 100's before or after ME3
rufusman91  +   993d ago
The endings are just too different and a prequel just woudnt feel right becuase you know how everything would end up anyway and the best part of mass effect is surprises.
b_one  +   993d ago
im lucky enough that i just ended ME2, as for EA - heavy milkers - so there will be something involving this universe for sure, other case, there are some games that sequels are must own (spec ops the line)
Lilioups  +   993d ago
sry buddy but bioware already told there will be more mass effects games.

so captain obvious...nice try keep trying tho
rufusman91  +   993d ago
Yes and do you have a article, tweet, or Facebook post officaily made by Bioware confirming this? I'd sure like to see it.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   993d ago
Knowing Bioware, They'll probably announce ME 4 next year. They have a thing for announcing the game a year after its predecessor. Maybe ME4 at E3 2013?
WeskerChildReborned  +   993d ago
Isn't ME3 suppose to be the last one? or are they gonna do a sequel with Shep dead.
aliengmr  +   993d ago
Yes it was the last one. They "might" do a prequel or something but I doubt it.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   993d ago
Apparently, Bioware didn't say "no more ME" but then again they didn't hint at another ME installment. Despite ME's ending and questionable multiplayer, the game got resounding success. I wouldn't be surprised if they announce an ME 4 to be honest.
DarkBlood  +   993d ago
in theory it could work but that requires alot of work and huge file size to account for all endings

which though seems possible, its very unlikely because the idea im thinking of literally makes a bunch of games in one
iXenon  +   993d ago
Mass Effect 3 was announced the same year Mass Effect 2 came out.
CaptainN  +   993d ago
A real ending !!! LOL that was to easy :p
Godmars290  +   993d ago
Something that's planned out better over multiple games would be.
SlapHappyJesus  +   993d ago
I don't care much for the series anymore.

The series is moving further and further away from its roleplaying roots.

They are starting to integrate multiplayer into the mix.

They are pandering to idiots in terms of story and writing. I don't think they can do much more in terms of the oversexualization seen in the games at this point. They might as well integrate a "fuck" option right in the dialogue options. Almost every female character has been turned into a barbie doll, gratuitous ass shot required. Really, who here remembers the Kelly Chambers scene from Mass Effect 2? That was just pathetic.
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WitWolfy  +   993d ago
"ME 3.. The biggest Sh**storm of our time..."

I'll never EVER buy another ME game again.. And you can take my word on that.

But lets say there is a 4th ME game as impossible as it might seem at this time.. Both BW and EA are going to have to think VERY carefully of a way to get those customers back they lost thanks to the whole Fiasco known as "artistic integrity" and fake advertising claims.
(No A,B or C endings sound familiar ;P)

Going from .. "You are the architect of your story".. to "It was our vision.. Our GAME" LOL. I wanted to be with Cerberus, I wanted to be on the dark side of the force. Just to see where story would go from there... BUT NOOOOO!

I was like Cerberus' bitch in my ME 2 play through.
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spaceflake  +   993d ago
I think you´re all missing the point here. They have created an entire universe. There is so much history, great battles and many heroes all across the galaxy. I can think of so many games that can be made out ot the ME universe. Its more than Shepard, its more than Earth. I just hope the developers realizes this. I wouldnt mind seeing games comin out on a regular basis displayin the universe from different angles of the galaxy. Think about it...
WitWolfy  +   993d ago
I dont know its going to be hard to create a threat worse then the Reapers. Sure the Reapers were created by "the Creators" but I cant see them as a threat if all they do is make room for new civilizations.
GTRrocker666  +   993d ago
Please don't.

If there has to be a 4 just make all new characters set in a different galaxy with new enemies. Have it be seperate from the other three completely.
KittyEmperor  +   993d ago
Personally I wouldn't mind seeing a Mass Effect that takes place during the rachni wars or the krogan rebellions or maybe both seeing as how they are connected. Then again something set in the distant future where it isn't about something ending all live or whatever but instead more about I don't working to stop something from happening like intergalactic war.
fossilfern  +   992d ago
Just make it a real action RPG and not a Gears clone
_-EDMIX-_  +   992d ago
1st. I doubt it will be called ME4.

2nd. It will likely be for PS4 and 720 and PC.

3rd. It will likely have NOTHING to do with Shepard (being a new generation an all)

What i want, Open world! They've tried to make it an RPG with 1 and clearly failed. Its better as a 3rd person shooter will slight elements of RPGs. ME2 and ME3 will way more well received then ME1. Why go back to the less selling, worst version of an IP?

ME's next title I'm sure will be a next gen PS4/720/PC title.

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