Western Digital Launches Single Platter 320 GB Desktop Drive

Daily Tech writes:

"The hard drive capacity war isn't coming to any end anytime soon and it's obvious from the way the industry's top manufacturers are raising the stakes. Western Digital is one of those key players and recently introduced a single-platter 320GB desktop hard drive. This new platter density falls slightly behind Samsung's high water mark of 334GB/platter."

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Kakkoii3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Drives keep getting bigger and bigger..And with that so does my por.....I mean cooking video collection ;)

jaja14343853d ago

Yes hard drive space and number of cooking recipes are directly correlated.

ravenguard883853d ago

Console fans should not be allowed to post about PC related stuff. :P

Percy3853d ago

Its not console fans its you that is ignorant i have a 500gb seagate barricuda 3.5 drive on my ps3 right now.

and here is a guide written by a 13 year old incase you need instructions you can understand.

gEnKiE3853d ago

Hell, im still using a 40gig for my pc.....This definitely would be an awesome upgrade. WoW loves to hog hd space... :s

ambientFLIER3853d ago

I've had an 8gig for the past two years, and never used more than 2. Lol. I'm low-tech :P