Four Attractive Characters From This Generation (Who Are Actually Unappealing)

GP: "Beauty is a rather popular discussion on different gaming websites. Everyone seems to want to chime in with their list of the top ten hottest video game characters, even though every list posted online always has the same ten characters with one or two surprise entries to make theirs stand out from others.

But since I don't want to just list the same ten characters that everyone else usually lists, I'll be doing things a tiny bit backwards. Instead of the most attractive video game characters, I'll be listing the ones I found to be the most ugly and/or off putting. Now keep in mind, I have no criteria for my list, so literally anybody can appear in it. Also, my reasoning for them appearing isn't exactly sound. Enjoy the read!"

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Whitefeather2307d ago

You got 2 out of 4 correct. Nathan in UC1 is fine and Lara is fine too. The other two I agree.

Ryasha2307d ago

Wasn't Frank West not supposed to be attractive anyway and just...average?

MySwordIsHeavenly2307d ago

Yes. Frank is hideous. Lol. That brow-line is just a wreck!

WeskerChildReborned2306d ago

Idk who found Frank appealing aha.