Beyond: Two Souls - In development for over two years?

The Facebook page of Quantic Dreams' Beyond: Two Souls "is hard at work to post their latest artwork project, led by David Cage. The artist behind the artwork is François Baranger. We noticed especially one of his artworks, where he signed with his name an the year 2010. We remember that "Heavy Rain" was published in February 2010. We assume that if Baranger at that time already was finishing the artwork, it is relatively early (perhaps even during the final phase of "Heavy Rain") where the development of Beyond: Two Souls begun.

In fact, the artist noted on his website that he works since 2008 for Quantic Dream on "Beyond: Two Souls". How long the game is finally in development, can only be confirmed by the officials. A look at the works of the artist can never hurt.

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DaReapa2196d ago

Good. The longer the better. Ensures quality.

roadkillers2196d ago

Duke Nuk... Just joking, I'm sure this game will be great.

NukaCola2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

David Cage pour his heart and soul into his interactive dramatic experiences and I have played Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain and both do not disappoint. They are amazing and innovating and incredible.


lol on the duke. That game in all fairness has been transferred from one dev to the next for so long. Gearbox said it needed to be made, knowing it was garbage and out of date, so it's finally done. The failure that was DNF is dead and they can actually create a good Duke Nukem. Here's hopin'

Kran2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Uh.... right I'm just going to say this.

How is this news? I mean I cant wait for this game, but... what?

There are other games that are in development for longer :/ It's like this article has been put out there to worry us about development time (sometimes the longer it's developed, the worse out it is).

A game that's been in development for over 2 years and would probably be going into it's third year is pretty much how development times for games should be. 3 years should be just the right amount of development time for most games.

Really don't see what this article is trying to get at. I mean even if it's been in dev since 2008, that's still not too bad.

Kyanu2196d ago

There is no question that it is bad. But rather the opposite! They developed the game (probably) parallel with "Heavy Rain" and had already started to make first concepts on Beyond at that time.

The point is that they think ahead severel projects and don't ask themselves 'what's next?' after completion of a project.

TheKayle2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

lol disagree for what? is a news that a game is under developement already if they show a trailer????????

anyway i liked their tech demo but the tdemo is very distant from the graphic of beyond..and also heavy rain was seeming better to me boh ?!?

i look at comments and all got disagrees less the first
"Good the longer the better"

typical fan boys...

u like long like agent!?!? or gt5 (like 6 or 7 years) or the last guardian?!..pls dont joke me.

if we look a console lifecycle...a game every 7 years is just ridiculous

anyway i dont think agent will never see the life..and last guardian will no be on the ps3...probably on the ps4 if they will not cancel it

AusRogo2196d ago

Just because someone says 'longer the better' doesn't mean they're a fan boy.. i sure as hell don't like rushed games..

NeXXXuS2195d ago

It's Quantic Dream we're talking about here. We KNOW it will be good if it takes a while and not an Alan Wake.