Dead Space 3: 8 changes & Visceral’s reason why they won’t break it

We visit Visceral Games to see Dead Space 3 and chat to studio head Steve Papoutsis and senior producer David Woldman and talk about the new features in the latest installment.

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ironfist922145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Aside from the graphical upgrade, im still not convinced. It feels like the Alien franchise, but in Video Game form.

Alien was all about Horror, Aliens about action, and Alien 3 ruined what made the first 2 great.

Dead Space seems to follow the same trend.

BrutallyBlunt2145d ago

I really liked the first one. It was one of the best new franchises this generation but it seems to be following down a path of action more so than atmospehere.

ironfist922145d ago

I wasnt really fond of the second what with all the unecessary changes

Kurt Russell2145d ago

I don't care what everyone else thinks... I'm getting this game. The other 2 have been up there as one of my favourite franchises this gen, there is no way I am not going to give them the chance to scare the balls off me again! This time though, I'll have a friend to put up with my screaming in his ear hole :)

Infact, I'm off to boot up DS2 again now.

Summons752145d ago

The only thing I really disagree with is the focus on machine gun weapons. The whole point of the plasma cutters was to hack off their limbs until they stopped moving, while the took bullets like it was someone poking them. The coop scared me until they said that the coop partner would not be with you when you play alone so I'm fine with that now since I refuse to play coop because people have a bad habit of starting it but not finishing leaving me unable to finish the game.

I've loved Dead Space since the moment they announced the first one so I am buying this no matter what and could careless if it's "horror" or not

Forza_is_King2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I am a HUGE Dead Space fan and will buy this game no matter what.

My only issues with this 3rd iteration is that it's become more Action than Horror. Dead Space 2 was a clear indication that the transition had begun.

In Dead Space 3 we are now getting:
A cover system
A Roll
Universal Ammo

All indications of removing the horror/shock/desperation and feel of loneliness. They have replaced dark narrow corridors with wide open battle grounds. Shadows and eerie sounds replaced with snow and wind.

I will continue with the franchise as I love the Overall story of the markers and the Unitology religion all taking place in space, but there is no argument that the Dead Space franchise going into Dead Space 3 is a but a shadow of it's former Horror Survival gameplay from Dead Space 1.

R.I.P survival Horror Genre, the action genre has once again replaced you to try and obtain a larger market....

Baka-akaB2145d ago

I dont like at all what i've seen from dead space 3 so far , so i'm skipping it , at least till convinced otherwise .

I heard a bunch of PR things from that Enthusiast visceral director , but what i've seen felt more like some gears of war or Lost planet offshoot than a deadspace game .