Need for Speed: Most Wanted Offers Widest Selection of Cars in the NFS Series

GR - "Electronic Arts has released a host of new, breaking information about Critereon's upcoming racing game, Need for Speed: Most Wanted."

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kasasensei2360d ago

Don't forget to say that half of this selection will probably be available only in DLC.

typeN82360d ago

I wish nfs was like it was back in the underground days but with better physics
Ive never really enjoy any nfs games any more

On topic
There is some cool cars but yes they will probably cost you

Gamerpeanuts2360d ago

what are you talking about!? old NFS games suck compared to the knew ones, the old creators did so bad, that they needed the old criterion Burnout guys to revamp it! It is so much better now! im over joyed that criterion took NFS over! Burnout was awsome, NFS compared to burnout...ehhh... plus criterion makes epic crashes. And if u still think Criterion isnt as good as the old NFS guys, Play NFS the about garbage. on topic, the cars look sweet, can wait to see them all busted up LOL!!!!!!!

Skate-AK2360d ago

Awesome there is customization. Hopefully it isnt super shallow.

HacSawJimThugin2360d ago

These guys have been doing an awesome job with this franchise but haters still got shit on them. Now that they have stated customization is present ppl are still doubt an already proven team. Smfh...if the old NFS were so much better why aren't the othe Devs making the games? This game will be the best NFS yet and I can't wait to support them.