Beyond Final Fantasy: Square Enix grapples with globalization

Square Enix is an interesting case-study in how global publishing brands are grappling with the profound changes facing the games business.

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Lucretia2091d ago

the fact that we still dont have agito is proof they are struggling with globalizing things.....freakin release it in english already

izumo_lee2091d ago

Type-0/Agito is an amazing game & i do believe they are prepping for a Vita release rather than the PSP since the PSP is kinda dead here in the west. I think that is the main reason for the delay is cause of the PSPs situation.

I would love if they release Type-0 as both a digital/physical copy like they did in Japan.

SeekDev2090d ago

That would be great, I'd love to see Type-0 go to Vita.