Iwata says developers are currently utilising 'only half Wii U's full potential'

Nintendo CEO hints that future games will compare favourably with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions

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GamingPerson1897d ago

I think the power of wiiU will be like a ps3.5 which is enough for nintendo.
They don't need to be as powerful as ps4 or 720.

This is what is is so far.

dangert121897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

The Wii U version there clearly shits on the Ps3 version as you would expect...but batman? hardly pushes the ps3 compared to It's exclusives... maybe a more sophisticated Ps3 capture Vs a Wii U one to get a totally better understanding of how good the wii you can actually be compared to the BEST work of the ps3

Cryptcuzz1896d ago

Idk man, to me, the PS3 version looks better in those pitures.

If you notice, the buildings in the background on the Wii U version is flat with no textures, whereas the PS3 version you can still see the textures.

Another example is how you can see the metal fence on the building in the lower left, where the Wii U version doesn't show that at all.

Either way, I am sure the Wii U games will be much better looking later on. It's always been like that. As developers get used to developing for it, the games should be a lot better looking then the ones released and shown during launch.

starchild1896d ago


You've got to be kidding me. The Wii U version looks much, much better.

The Wii U version is using post processing effects that the PS3 version is missing. The PS3 version looks rough and jagged compared to the Wii U version.

I am seriously concerned with the future of graphical advancement when morons can't even discern the difference in quality between console and PC games or PS3 and Wii U games.

Developers might decide "why bother?" when so many gamers can't even tell the difference.

ChickeyCantor1896d ago

Not sure why people disagreed with starchild.
Rather off putting that people agreed with cryptcuzz.

Wii U is clearly far cleaner than the PS3 version and is rendering a lot more. Even the spotlights are better processed. Textures are also far higher in detail.

"Another example is how you can see the metal fence on the building in the lower left, where the Wii U version doesn't show that at all. "

But then again you don't see the dynamic red cloth on the Ps3 version. So I really don't think the "fences" are that a big deal to add.

oricon1897d ago

You cant really compare a port of game from current gen systems because its not like you can make major improvements if it was a complete remake with models made up from the ground up then yeah.

blackburn101896d ago

So the excuses have already started huh? What happened to 'Thew Wii U will be more powerful then then PS3 and the 360 and surpass them and be the real first next gen console' And now it's 'It's okay we don't need power and graphics' and trying to make excuses for the Wii U version barely looking better then the 6 year old console. I suppose there will be even more of these statements once the PS4 and next Xbox come out.

fight4love1897d ago

well that is good that they are not using its full potential.

roshi19871897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Yea, who wants to get blown when you can pay for a lap dance.

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