Telltale Games: The Walking Dead Episode 2 Impressions [Gamertag Radio]

Gamertag Radio writes: "Decisions are the core concept behind Telltale Games' second installment of the Zombie apocalypse tale from acclaimed writer Robert Kirkman. And if the demo that was shown at E3 is any clue, be warned and be very afraid."

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jon12342254d ago

so this episode takes place 3 months after the first, hopefully we dont have to wait the actual 3 months to play it...

falcon2622254d ago

HA! bubbles for you! In all seriousness I thought the series was actually finished and they just cut the episodes to come out each month. I don't understand what is taking so long and the lack of communication is simply inexcusable in a world where everyone knows silence/ignoring your customers can kill your brand.
I hope someone from telltale takes notice this is not the way to conduct business.