5 Games should have been at E3 2012

TheGamingLiberty wrties- There are a few games that should have been at E3 that weren't. Here's 5 games that should have been at E3.

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SwilloTGL2202d ago


StarFox2202d ago

what the heck ever happened to six days in fallujah?

c1oudy2202d ago

I thought that got cancelled because it was offensive to soldiers who fought in Iraq, or some other random crap that the press came up with to turn that particular game in to vapourware.

StarFox2202d ago

i don't know dude last time i heard the devs said it was still coming out and this year too but after that no more info came out.

c1oudy2201d ago

Oh good, im glad then, I was quite impressed with what I was hearing about that.