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gamrReview: "The Visceral representative in charge of showing off Dead Space 3 to us made sure to start the presentation by assuring us that Dead Space 3 was everything the first two games were and much, much more. After watching nearly 30 minutes of gameplay, I am convinced that he was not just blowing smoke."

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Spectator12301d ago

Gonna pass on this; enjoyed DS1 (though was too repetitive) but found DS2 really boring.

Rhezin2301d ago

wow, no it wasn't. For either. You clearly just don't like the IP, MOVE ON.

Spectator12300d ago

Yeah I know that now (after playing DS2), and I have moved on, but DS1 most definitely WAS repetitive regardless; there was far too much backtracking when there should have been none.

DeadSpaced2300d ago

You had one ship to go through. Returning to specific areas was perfectly fine, unless you just wanted to go directly from one side of the ship to the other. THAT would have been ridiculous.

tigertron2301d ago

Dead Space 2 boring? luls.

Anyway when I first saw the game at the conference I was dissapointed because it didn't resemble Dead Space, but after watching the trailer and finding out that you can play the game solo as Isaac I am once again hyped.

Dead Space 2 was my favourite game last year with Gears 3 and is one of my favourites of all time. I hope Visceral deliver.

IaMs122301d ago

I am so relieved that you can play it solo as Issac. Then coop after to play with a buddy for fun. Just gives the game more replay ability and how other games should do it imo. Now thats to say if they didn't gimp the singleplayer portion of playing solo in favor of people will be playing it coop.

tigertron2301d ago

Yeah, I'll complete the game solo then play it on co-op just because it'll be fun playing together.

Playing solo will still be better though, the feeling of isolation is what made the original so damn good.

ceedubya92301d ago

Great series. Really looking forward to this.