David Cage’s E3 Beyond interview: “Don’t talk about quick time events!”

David Cage has brushed away talk of quick time controlled cinematics in Beyond: Two Souls, saying the “prompts [are] more like God of War”. He emphasised full player control over Jodie as opposed to “just playing the prompts” in Heavy Rain, while also talking about the game’s sandbox elements.

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Kur02263d ago

now that's good news.

ArchangelMike2262d ago

I'm excited for this game, maybe not as much as for The Last of Us, but I'm definately gonna check it out. I really enjoyed heavy rain and am looking forward to Beyond.

VsAssassin2262d ago

I can really hear the passion in his voice trying to relate his perspective in this game to the press. Heavy Rain was a truly wonderful experience, and this one sounds more and more like it, if not trying to go beyond HR.

kostchtchie_2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

love these guys, love how Sony have great developers pushing out amazing games, also how they are willing take risks on what type of games they make and big thank you to fellow ps3 gamers for going out and supporting these guys hard work

Virtual_Reality2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Looks very good for a new kind of experience.

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