Capcom release 30 minute DmC walkthrough

Xbigy Games writes: Capcom have released footage of their latest E3 walkthrough of DmC that shows off the tutorial level.

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Stuart57562056d ago

Looks too arcadie, they've messed too much, shame really, a good franchise and a good dev team, waste of talent, waste of a license.

aCasualGamer2056d ago


Dante looks like a teenage brat. The older Dante is much better suited for this franchise. It would've been okey to introduce a younger Dante if it was only part of the game, but the entire game with a badly designed Dante in his teens isn't too welcoming for fans of the series. I don't know if it's Dantes son or if it's Dante himself from the older games. This is just wrong imo.

Even though, the gameplay looks better than previously released gameplay footage, it doesn't look good. It just looks like a cash in attempt. They should've started a new IP instead.

Hayabusa 1172056d ago

Talking bollocks. DmC has always been too arcadey for my liking (compared to Ninja Gaiden for example) and this definitely looks less arcady then previous DMC games. Unless by arcadey you mean narrow hack and slash going from point a to point b, without any puzzles or collecting or anything. And I don't think this game will be like that.

chasegarcia2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I don't like the new look too much, but the game looks good to me. I think this one will be the best in the series.

pwneddemocrat2056d ago

They be trolling like ... Jack Brolin.

Game looks like Street Fighter IV lol.
Anyways, looks fun though. Except that Dante looks way less badass. Really less badass. By a lot.

TronEOL2056d ago

What? DmC Dante looks infinitely more badass. Although that could be another thing that is on a "per-person basis". But I find Dante's new rugged look and attitude way more badass than the prissy boy he used to be.

The new Dante fits his personality/life far more than the old one did.

Captain Qwark 92056d ago

agreed, def a more per-person basis cuase i think he looks gay.

but....i dont care becuase this looks like the best devil may cry yet so his looks gets a pass for me. cannot wait.

DaThreats2056d ago

The model of Dante has really improved

jesuisankit2056d ago

I am really enjoying this, DmC is shaping to be better and better.

sly-Famous2056d ago

There is no flow to this game, it looks stock and the modles move in this jagy way and the new Dnte loks like a macho girl. I hope, for DMC's sake, it does not release the same time as Darksiders 2 because it will come in a very sad 2nd place.

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The story is too old to be commented.