Why Microsoft Won E3

Microsoft presents a multi-faceted future of gaming's best-selling console.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Microsoft's press conference was the first of E3 2012, putting them in an advantageous position to set the bar by which other conferences would be measured.

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Double_Oh_Snap2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Really? Uhh...hmmm... yeah LMFAO. I'm not going to mention anything specific, but at a Microsoft conference I want Microsoft content. As a gamer, if you like what Microsoft did besides the first 10 minutes.
I truly feel sorry for you, because frankly it was pathetic. The only way this is acceptable is if MS is next gen ready next year or 2014 at the latest otherwise wtf.

darthv722208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

I wouldnt go that far as to say they "won" anything. There were some surprises (to me anyway). The expected stuff was nice to see more of but the unexpected stuff was what really got my interest.

Same with both the sony and nintendo shows. Sony had things we already knew about but their few reveals were new and interesting. Beyong looked good but the wonderbook....not so much. Actually I really cant say on that. I bet my kids would like it and that seems to be the target they are going for.

Nintendo really surprised me. There were games revealed coming to wii-u that had never been on the nintendo platform before or havent been for such a looooong time. Particularly ninja gaiden 3. Last time i saw a NG game was on the NES.

None of the big 3 really stole the show. There were good and bad moments in each.

EVILDEAD3602208d ago

Microsoft actually did win E3 in terms of overall presentation of the show and impact of the content.

The funny part is Micrsoft didn't have to flinch and mention 720 at all because the other guys didn't come hard at all.

Any of us who own a PS3 would have rushed to the stores to play Last of Us, God of War, or Beyond this year.

But, NONE of them will even be coming close to retail in 2012. In fact, there is a good chance that ALL of them will be on stage at next years E3.

Micrsoft won on so many fronts as even Nintendo couldnt make Kinect obsolete with Wii-U. In fact, they still proved that Kinect is better at the two Nintendo cash cow genres..Dancing games and Fitness.

Smart Glass will probably end up with some innovation awards and the fact that I can control Internet explorer with my Iphone on my 360 is a huge innovation IMO.

The most interesting part was to watch the other two consoles literally do the same stuff on their stage THIS YEAR as Micrsoft has been getting bashed for doing the last two years..but we see who got a complete pass for doing it..LOL

The proof is in the pudding and we'll ACTUALLY see who won E3 as usual AFTER it's completely finished and the gamers speak with their wallets.


MrBeatdown2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )


It's interesting you bring up what MS was criticized for last year, as if Sony isn't taking the same criticisms now. Sony has taken a ton of criticism for the Wonderbook crap, just as everyone criticized the Skittles and Sesame Street crap from years prior. Nobody was a fan of Far Cry and AC3 getting so much time on stage either. Sony's show is almost universally considered to be a disappointment because they did what MS did last year. Of course, you say they are getting a complete pass.

Speaking of complete passes, let's look at your comments from last year about MS's E3 showing in which you lavish it with praise.

You claimed MS had the "Most effective conference of the year". Why? Because...

"Micrsoft set itself up lovely for a huge couple of years."

Next year Sony has a line up of Last of Us, God of War, and Beyond which, according to you "any of us who own a PS3 will rush to the store to play". Seems to me that would set Sony up for a great 2013, following a solid line-up from this year. In other words, Sony "set itself up lovely for a huge couple of years."

Funny how you treated it as nothing but a positive when games like Halo 4, Ryse, and Fable: The Journey were shown, and used it as part of your justification for why MS won last year, yet you treat Beyond, Last of Us, and Ascension's release dates not coming in 2012 as a negative that counts against Sony this year.

As if it wasn't hypocritical enough to praise Microsoft last year for putting two years worth of games on display while criticizing Sony for doing it this year (not to mention acting as if Sony is the only one that does it, as you did yesterday), you're also the one rambling on about how Sony's getting a pass for MS's mistakes this year.

You make it sound like Sony is getting a complete pass for repeating MS's mistakes, as if there is some hypocrisy at play here, yet here you are, criticizing Sony for something you didn't take issue with at all last year.

Funny stuff.

EVILDEAD3602208d ago

LMFAO @ you complete inability to read ENGLISH..

You literally linked to a post of mine form last year and COMPLETELY took it out of context for your your complete FAILURE of a point.

First of all, unless you live under a rock or again cant read, simply look at what ACTUALLY happened after this conference. Micrsoft got skewered right after their conference by everyone from Edge and beyond. EVEN after they righted the supposed wrongs from the year prior.

But, AFTER the Sony conference those same reviewers and people who bashed the Micro conference completely turned a blind eye to the Sony doing exactly what Micro did the year before. One reviewer who is respected in gaming simply said I'm just going to forget the wonderbook presentation ever happened. THAT is what I'm talking about.

See fan girls like you ignore EVERY comment on N4G that proves that people are doing exactly what I'm saying just to find mine and do what? Prove me wrong? You can't because I'm speak the truth.

How about you actually READ my comment from last year and you will see I was DEAD ON. The REAL quote...

'I called it early, if Microsoft stays in it's lane, it can have a monster year. As it turns out Micrsoft set itself up for the next TWO years.'

Why? The released Gears 3, Forza 4, Halo Annniversary, and it two biggest Kinect franchises.

Then I mention the fact this year would then have Mass Effect leading and Witcher 2 and Minecraft..finally H4 and Fable coming to this years E3.

That set them up for games from fall all the waty to E3's presentation.

THE RESULTS..They sold the most worldwide, Kinect did a million on Black Friday, Gears was the #1 selling exclusive of the year, the amazing Forza 4 was a ritical success, and Halo Anniversay did well. KSports and DC2 both were a success. Mass Effect 3..success on the 360, Minwecraft the #1 selling XBLA game of all time, Witcher 2 is called 'the best version of the game'.

WHY Sony F-ed up this year? It's great to show Beyond and get us excited for another Quantum classic. Last and God of War are great looking titles. But, unless they got something special up there sleeve this is going to be a cold winter for those 'hardcore' gamers that everyone keep saying MS abandoned. You will NOW be quoted forever as bragging about Little Big planet Karting when you speak of how great this holiday is for Sony. That speak volumes.

Sorry I'll take Forza Horizon (new IP) over Little Big planet Karting and I'll take Halo 4 over Super Smash Sony allstars.

Once again Micrsoft set itself up for a ridiculously good holiday after a very strong E3.

Watch how my predictions pan out they always do.


MrBeatdown2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )


"Fan girl" huh? What are you? Seven years old?

See Evil, you must have missed the point. I didn't take anything out of context. You thought it was a positive that MS provided a look at TWO YEARS worth of games. You claim MS had the best show last year because of that. You SPECIFICALLY mentioned the two year aspect of it as being a positive. I don't care if it was the best conference or not. I thought they both sucked last year and they both sucked last year and I don't have to flip flop on my standards to come to that conclusion. You're the one comparing two turds and proclaiming MS's smells better. I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy and "fan girl" spin in praising MS for it last year, and treating it as a negative for Sony this year.

I don't give a crap if you'll take Forza over LBP. I don't give a crap about your predictions. I don't care who's turd of a conference you liked more.

I'm pointing out your hypocrisy. When MS shows two years of games, you treat it as if it's a good thing that they are set up well for two years. When Sony does it, you treat it as if it's a bad thing, even though anyone with a brain knows that between Last of Us, Beyond, Ascension, and any other announcements that could be made by Sony's slew of other developers, 2013 could be an amazing year that more than makes up for a slow fall 2012. That's hypocrisy. The same kind of hypocrisy you're accusing "everyone" of.

You try to make it all about Sony's fall line-up, but last year, for you, it was all about how wonderful the next two years looked, not one particular season.

And me bragging about LBP? Care to point that one out? I called Sony's line-up for the year "solid". That was it. And yet here you are, saying I can't read.

Oh yeah, Mr. Predictions... where's that 720 you've been claiming would be revealed? Where's Ryse?

EVILDEAD3602208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

@ Readingisfundamental

LOL @ pretending you are now above calling names when YOU are the one who started it in the other article..

I'll leave it at this since I know that you will drone on and spin and shake and STILL wont read what I wrote.

So no links needed I will slow down the message so even YOU can understand.

You say you don't care what I think, but actions speak louder than words.

The article is titles 'Why Micrsoft won E3'. I commented on Why I thought Micrsoft E3 and guess who shows up..not to talk about the article but literally go through my profile and link to what I wrote a year ago to try while STILL failing to read what I wrote then and now.

Yup..You are either B-hurt which is also probably true or YOU FLAT-OUT CARE...but I know it's because NO ONRE is allowed to say anything positive about MS on this site. Let alone come up with plausible reasons why they have opinions as to why they believe why the title of the article is correct.

So here it is..I stand by every word I wrote last year BASED on the information we had at that time. So when Ryse gets announce as coming next gen, I'm not stupid enough to keep pretending it's arriving THIS gen.

And 720 is STILL coming next year just like I predicted ALL ALONG..this is starting to trickle as 'rumors' from all of the media that have been getting the closed door briefings.

As it turns out Micrsoft didn't even have to come close to even mentioning the system as no one even gave them serious comp and made the 360 obsolete THIS year.

Again, I commented that Micrsoft set themselves up perfectly after last E3..they had there biggest franchises for both the 360 and Kinect leading into into 2012 where Mass Effect 3, Witcher2, Minecraft..led into this years E3. Where we ALL knew that Halo 4 was coming for Holiday 2012. The perfect set up for what I thought was the swan song of the system.

This E3 is exactly the same. Not only are they set up for this fall with the biggerst hardcore exclusive of the year in Halo 4, but they have a new Forza IP and they still are supporting Kinect with it's biggest franchises.

As it stands, I still say Sony hurt themselves by not at least showcasing one or two of it's bigger franchises for the holiday. Instead, they are relying on the Assasin's Creed bundle.

This is amazing because Micrsoft has been getting bashed EVERY year for having Call of Duty on it's stage.

See I have been on N4G and all the forums, just read ALL the previews to Micrsoft's E3 and what you will find is that those SAME critiques as to why the MS E3 would be bad, literally were perfomed by Sony and Nintendo.

See you keep pretending a give f$%# about your opinion of ANYTHING..I KNOW where YOU will stand and WHY you ONLY come at people saying ANYTHING not negative about MS. Good for you..I just keeep it real when I'm talking about pre an post reactions from the majority of a a big size of the media and the elitists on N4G and the major forums.

I gave MY opinion and the reasons behind them..nothing more and nothing less


MrBeatdown2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

I called you names?

Where? Prove it. This is far from the first time you've made stuff up about me. I guess I can add that to your pile of BS, right along with you accusing me of having multiple accounts and being unwilling to back it up, or accusing me of "trolling" Mass Effect articles by posting spoilers even though I posted nothing of the sort. You seem to have difficulty sticking to the subject at hand, and always resort to some element of personal attacks or lies intended to discredit me.

And like I said Evil, I don't care about your opinions. I do enjoy pointing out hypocrisy and BS passed off as fact though, and you're just oozing with it.

In this case though, it's not opinion. Your words...

"Microsoft actually did win E3 in terms of overall presentation of the show and impact of the content."

"Actually" means you are correcting him, telling him his opinion is wrong, and that MS was the certified winner.

For someone who seems to pride himself on his reading comprehension, you should appreciate that.

And I know you Evil. You're the type that bends the rules to suit the company you love so much while treating everyone else who disagrees as if they are wrong, just as you had to do to get MS off the hook for announcing games early, just so you could criticize Sony for it. I took a guess that you're hypocritical in your criticisms of MS and Sony. And guess what? I was right.

You knock Sony for putting next year's games on display, even though it sets themselves up for a spectacular 2013 while still providing a solid line-up for 2012.

But last year, you praised MS and claimed they won for doing just that.

This year you used a competely different logic. Clearly Sony is better off. Three solid games this year. PS+ has been revamped and value to new subscribers has been increased tenfold thanks to the number of quality games on offer which bodes well for both Sony and gamers. They've easily got the best line-up heading into 2013 with three AAA games, two of which are incredibly original. Three games YOU claimed gamers would rush to play. And even then, they still have studios like Guerrilla, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, Evolution, and the other Naughty Dog team all working on unannounced projects, all of which will come due for a release considering their usual two year dev cycles. Not to mention there's the possibility that Last Guardian, a game YOU claim to be extremely interested in, could finally arrive.

MS has a better two year outlook than THAT? Well, according to you... "Not only are they set up for this fall with the biggerst hardcore exclusive of the year in Halo 4, but they have a new Forza IP and they still are supporting Kinect with it's biggest franchises."

Yep. Halo 4, a new style of gameplay for Forza, and some Kinect games. And there is Gears next year. According to you, a fall line-up that stands above Sony's purely due to Halo 4, and a 2013 that as of right now consists of just a Gears prequel it one that trumps everything Sony has to offer in the next two years.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure if you were to actually take an unbiased look at the next "TWO YEARS", Sony is the clear winner. They're certainly taking a backseat to Microsoft this fall with Halo, but the twelve months after that? It's pretty obvious who's got the best overall outlook for the next 18 months.

EVILDEAD3602207d ago

LMAO @! Mr. Beatdown literally close his eyes while beating up his keyboard in writing what is the worst fan kid spin of what I have written in a looong time.

You have ZERO idea what you are talking about and because you have the need to pretend I'm a fan kiddie like yourself that you will say ANYTHING at this point.

Once again to people who actually can read..

The title of the article is 'WHY MICROSOFT WON E3' I gave my opinion of WHY they did.

I didn't attack anyone I didn't tellANYONE their opinion of the conference is WRONG.

I don't have to bash Sony games and I DON'T have to cater to the lameness of hypocrites who completely insert their own biased version of MY OPINION.

This guy is sooooo upset hen he sees someone literally say Micrsoft set themselves up for a BIG YEAR. NEVER do I say Micrsoft games are better than Sonty. Never do I say Sony games afre better than Micrsoft.

NEVER do I take some silly troll tactic and pretend Sony doesnt have games that I absolutely love myself.

I'm HUGE fan of Team Ico, I absolutely LOVE Naughty Dog, and I own and loved EVERY Quantum game since the original Xboxes 'Indigo Prophecy'..

I'm a gamer not simply a complainer like Mr. Beatdown is. I own more games for my PS3 than he every will.

With that said, MY opinion still stands. Once again, Sony's biggest games that were on display will not make it to retailers this holiday and if this remains the case then I feel there is NOTHING on the caliiber of EVERY single Sony holiday in the past. No Uncharted, No Gran Turismo etc.

This is MY opinion..Just like last year when Microsoft got widely panned for the first half of last year.

Once again we will see how it all pans out for the rest of the year, but IMO Micrsoft is in a great position to out perfom last years record holiday.


MrBeatdown2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

This is too easy.

90% of what you said was just rambling without any substance behind it. It's nothing more than your usual babble about fan kiddies, not being able to read, and all that nonsense that's utterly irrelevant and designed to detract from the sad reality that you can't stick purely to discussing facts. You even resort to making stuff up about how many games you own versus how many I own, even though you've pulled that entirely out of your ass. I'll stick to the bits that actually matter. I don't need to detract from my point because unlike you, I have a foundation from which I can actually defend what I say.

You say you never told anyone they were wrong, but what you wrote clearly says otherwise.

"Microsoft actually did win E3 in terms of overall presentation of the show and impact of the content."

ac·tu·al·ly   [ak-choo-uh-lee]
as an actual or existing fact; really.

Yeah, sorry Evil. You backtrack and call it opinion now, but your wording implies you were correcting the person you responded to, therefore declaring darth wrong on a factual basis.

But let's say it is your opinion and you were too busy "beating up your keyboard" to properly convey what you wanted to say. It's still hypocritical given your opinion from last year.

In attempting to defend yourself, you further reinforce my point.

"NEVER do I say Micrsoft games are better than Sonty."

And yet, your conclusion about MS winning is based largely on games. "Sonty" clearly has more to offer from now until the end of 2013, and from what's been seen thus far, at no sacrifice to quality. Yet here you are, giving Microsoft the win. Last year, you claimed it was all about the next two years and how well MS set themselves up. Sony did exactly that this year. They offered a solid line-up for 2012. They did a fantastic job of beefing up their subscription service by offering significantly more value on a montly basis. And they're poised to have hands down the best overall line-up of 2013. As I said, you even said yourself that the three announced 2013 games are games that gamers will "rush to the store to play". And they still haven't even announced games from several of their top developers. All signs point to Sony being better positioned over the next 18 months due to a huge and diverse line-up of high quality exclusives and a subscription service that's guaranteed to deliver dozens of full size retail games to subscribers. That's a damn promising two years.

You gave Microsoft the win for that last year.

When Sony is deserving of a win on the criteria by which you gave MS the win last year, that being having a compelling two years lined up, you change your criteria and dwell excessively on a fall line-up that really only stands above Sony's due to a single game, so that you can once again award MS the victory.

Your hypocrisy speaks for itself. You want MS to win the game, so you change the rules accordingly.

By the way, I called you out on your accusation that I call you names. As usual, you can't justify your bullcrap with fact.

solidjun52207d ago

how do you have so many bubbles EVILDEAD when you're a fanboy and most the stuff you write are crap. Not only that, you clearly resort to ad hominem rhetoric when your arguments starts falling apart.

Outside_ofthe_Box2207d ago


You should have never commented. The multi account accusations will start in 3... 2... 1... now lol

This argument between beatdown and evil is another...


EVILDEAD3602207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

'When Sony is deserving of a win on the criteria by which you gave MS the win last year, that being having a compelling two years lined up, you change your criteria and dwell excessively on a fall line-up that really only stands above Sony's due to a single game, so that you can once again award MS the victory.'

LMFAO @ this lame trying to tell me what my opinion is.

You have NO CLUE what the word hypocrisy means. In fact you still can't read.

Here's the quote Microsoft had the most effective conference of the the year. And when the smoke cleared after the holiday numbers came in it proved that Micrsoft had the most effective conference of the year.

Why? Because the MS fall lineup had three of their biggest hardcore franchises and two of the biggest Kinect franchises all dropping back to back BEFORE the 2011 ended.

THIS year they are releasing the biggest exclusive that will launch in 2012 in Halo 4 (which had a great E3. What Sony is MISSING is that big fall and holiday exclusive. The God of War prequel wont arrive until 3 months into 2013.

Again, IMO Micrsoft has the better line-up for the holiday and at E3 2013 the new console will be unveiled anyway. So IMO at year seven MS played their cards as best they could.

I could care less if you feel differently, but that is YOUR opinion. Not mine.

It's hilarious watching you beatfdown your keyboard whining and crying because my opinion isnt yours. But, that's what you Sony kids do on here. You are clearly the most one-sided elitists who believe that if you don't blindly follow and claim allegiance to one console that you HAVE to be wrong.

But, like I said same N4G different day.

So easy it's boring at this point.


MrBeatdown2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Thanks for confirming exactly what I said Evil.

Just as I said, you continue to dwell excessively, and almost exclusively on the one game in MS's fall line-up that sets it apart from Sony's... that being Halo. Oddly enough, it was a game Microsoft didn't even see fit to close their conference with.

Yet you treat it as if the mere presence of Halo in their fall line-up overrides not just a solid fall line-up for Sony, but a fantastic looking 2013 for Sony and a huge and immediate, improvement for PS+.

What's there beyond Gears in spring of 2013? That's the thing, it's all up in the air, and it's made all the more unpredictable by next gen. There's no safe bets for 360 beyond a single Gears game. But Sony still has Last of Us, God of War, and Beyond. Three heavy hitters, all headed to PS3. They may have Last Guardian as well. You said yourself all those games are a big deal, yet you conveniently ignore what they mean for 2013 for Sony when trying to back up your stance here.

It's hilarious that you proclaim MS the winner last year based on having two solid years laid out, and now, when Sony has exactly that, you act as if the fall is all that really matters, and you ignore and entire year of what Sony has to offer. To you, a strong overall two year plan doesn't matter, and all of 2013 is no big deal, just has long as you have the edge in one crowded season thanks to one game. You said last year, "At the end of the day, it's about how the conference leads to results." Funny though. It's seems like results this fall are all that really matter, and the entire year after that is of no concern or consequence, even though it was especially noteworthy last year.

You know what really gets me though? Through all this, you still fling crap at the wall and hope it sticks. You say that I called you names and you couldn't back it up. You completely skimmed over how I pointed out exactly how you were trying to pass off your opinion as fact in your reply to Darth. You bring up pure nonsense about who's a bigger gamer based on my game collection which you know nothing about. You call me a "fan kid", yet here you are deeming MS the winner AGAIN and reinterating it in article after article after article. You seem to want to drill the fact that you think MS is the winner into everyone's heads. I called them both complete disappointments two years in a row. And yet you're more than willing to throw out accusations of bias and fanboyism. Nearly everything you say is either nonsensical ramblings, crap designed to feed your ego (see: bragging about how you're always right, but ignoring how your Ryse and 720 predictions didn't pan out), or just for the sake of coddling Microsoft.

I really couldn't care less about your opinion. But for someone who's been going around crying about Sony getting a pass from "everyone" and claiming hypocritical, biased treatment of Microsoft, it's especially hypocritical to see you change your standards this year. You try to spin it and make it sound like Sony is lagging far behind MS, but the reality is, it's one big title in a three month span packed with some of the biggest multiplatform games this generation has seen, from AC3, to Resident Evil, to CoD, and maybe even the biggest game of this generation, GTAV.

You know what the real telling thing in all this is? I've been upfront from the start, saying the Microsoft's line-up has more weight behind it. But you... you've yet to even acknowledge anything about 2013, where Sony is clearly far ahead of the game. And yet, in the wonderful world of EVILDEAD, you're the one "keeping it real" as you say, and calling everyone else the fan kids.

EVILDEAD3602206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Let me do this in my sleep. The Sony fan kid has exhausted all of his bubbles and he;s still 150% wrong.

Let's breakdown this useless post and move on..

'Just as I said, you continue to dwell excessively, and almost exclusively on the one game in MS's fall line-up that sets it apart from Sony's... that being Halo. Oddly enough, it was a game Microsoft didn't even see fit to close their conference with.'

Once again, I simply said Sony's line-up as it is now for the 2012 Fall/Holiday season which is the most crucial to ANY console is lacking in comparison to past years. At this point there is no game on the caliber of Uncharted, Gran Turismo, etc. that will close the year.

God of War is coming in March, but that game would have been perfect for the 4th quarter. As for Last of Us, it will probably at this point be on the E3 stage next year. Beyond is a complete unknown even though you keep claiming it's coming next year. The game could still be years away..who knows as Quantum hasnt told the world yet to my knowledge. So literally you only have one of the 3 games..period.

Micrsoft is releasing it's biggest franchise ever. It is the biggest exclusive in 2012. The difference between MS announcement and Sonys is that the Halo teaser trailer literally told us that the game was coming this holiday.

LOL @ trying to Reaaach and allude that something was odd because Micrsoft came out swinging with H4 instead of closing. I thought it was a brilliant move and was very effective.

At the end of the day, Micrsoft is set-up to have a HUGE holiday, not just because of Halo 4. But the entire fall line up of hardcore, Kinect, and the lure of Xbox Live for core shooters like Blackops 2. The smart glass inovation and Internet explorer controlled with an Iphone are notable announcements that put the 360 IMO the best spot for the holidays.

My opinion for the 80 time still stands..just because your clearly b-hurt means nothing.

Micrsoft did win IN TERMS of overall presentation and impact of the content.

So lets guide you to understanding this sentene before you pop a vessel.

When speaking in teams of presentation, MS scaled back on Kinect and had a more fluid show.

In terms of impact of the content, Halo 4 had a great E3. This is the ONLY exclusive this year tha will have thousands upon thousands atit's midight release. Over a million will play in the first 24 hours.

In 2013, the only game that is going to dominate the earth prior to E3 is Gran Turismo.

A year from now when E3 comes we will be talking about completely different games and the big doozy will be when the 720 is announced for the holiday as closed door rumors are suggesting. So good luck with the belief that ANY game that makes it on the stage from this year is going to have ANY weight again the next gen launches.

My take My opinion..


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Blacksand12208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Micrsoft forgot about there hardcore gamer's

2208d ago
sikbeta2208d ago

But... USHER!!! :P

They start of the conference was the best, then everyone knows how it went after that :P but to be fair, MS announced for months that no new games were going to be in the conference, also this is the last E3 about X360, next one will be about XBX3, same for Sony and the PS4, next gen is around the corner YAY!

Persistantthug2208d ago

Another big market crash (we seem to get them every other month these days), and another surge from XBOX 360 and PS3 because of price drops.....

Holiday 2014 here we come.

easy and believable scenereo.

Microsoft seems very comfortable now pushing Kinect, Halo, Forza, Fable, and Gears......and XBOX LIVE indie games......oh, and XBOX LIVE apps.

2014 is more than just possible at this point.

Man2bFree2208d ago

they didn't win e3. move on

StraightPath2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

nope. Ubisoft did. Watch Dogs looks amazing.

Wonderbook stole the show though lol

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prettyboy122208d ago

lol some people are delusional

Rob9462208d ago

Is this a joke article? All conferences were underwhelming (Besides Ubisoft) But from the big 3 Microsoft was the worst by far, pathetic conference.

trouble_bubble2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

It kind of IS a joke article, because Gamespot honestly did the same 'why ___ won E3' for every company. lol, I'm not even kidding:

Why Nintendo won E3

Why Sony won E3

Way to pander Gamespot, lol. Gawd they suck now.

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