Some Gamers Take the Easy Way Out

By: Nick Krone

In my opinion, gaming has quickly become less about fun and testing yourself, and more about leader boards and easy kills. From developers to players, we have created a gaming culture in which the easiest path is obvious and encouraged. This sentiment is seen in almost no other sport, however. You didn’t see Sammy Sosa get away with corking his bat, and you won’t see steroids legitimized for pro football players. You do, however, see quick scoping work its way back into Call of Duty, and the ability to buy all Battlefield 3 vehicle upgrades from the live marketplace. Is it just me, or is the industry handing out god mode passes to anyone interested? Players have apparently lost touch with the good old philosophies of earning your keep, and taking the road less traveled

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Xbot3602199d ago

Normally I wouldn't care but since it gives players the choice to catch up to others by buying their way up...that's no good-o.

joab7772199d ago

Its not just video games. Its a cultural phenomonon. So many things have added to this from technology, to a change in ideals. Every generation has worked hard to give their kids more. We have reached the zenith. It will trend back down now. As a result, we r all very spoiled. I work hard, but after talking to my grandpa or even my mother, i fell lazy and as if i have so much that i didnt work near as hard to get.

I dunno. But it does carry over. There are so many things that are unacceptable in games anymore and if something does go wrong or is unexpected, we rant like little children, bashing everyone and everything before finally settling in and enjoying the product. And as games get better and better, we will get worse and worse. Its good to see games like dark sould do well. I am always tring to pinpoint why it is that i felt so much more satisfied playing games when i was younger. I think this is it. There isnt as much reward for accomplishment, or if it is, its for putting in time, not being great at something.

Ravenor2199d ago

Did this article have a point or no? I read the whole thing and it was several paragraphs of some random guys disdain for a certain style of shooter.

You're talking about skill and only talking about two shooters CoD and BF *Golf Clap*,good are the winner.

SoldierX2199d ago

I think the point is clear, earn your perks don't buy them.

Xbot3602199d ago

Exactly. Especially for competitive type games.

Ravenor2199d ago

The Battlefield example is weak, Skill and a real competitive scene never existed for BF. The perks for the vehicles were more or less game breaking to those who joined later, the jet is almost useless without the upgrades.

You listed CoD and Battlefield, your CoD example of quick scoping and the Battlefield example of purchasing weapon and vehicle upgrades. CoD has never been a difficult game to rack up huge amounts of kills and Battlefield has never had a real E sports presence. Why complain about playing shooters that you feel don't exercise your brain, when you're playing the shooters that specifically aren't for people looking to put a lot of thought into.

Arma 2, Red Orchestra, Counter Strike, Rainbow Six 3. There you go, thinking mans games.

Hicken2199d ago

Does he have to go into massive detail on every game out there that caters to this mentality? I'd think that choosing two of the most popular franchises from gaming's most popular genre would be enough to get the point across. Hell, it's little different from people who only play a game through on easy or normal difficulty, beat it within a day, then get rid of it for something else.

You list great games, but do any of them pull the crowds that his two do?

mananimal2199d ago

Behavior is learned, so when the INDUSTRY develops games that give a gamer "THE OPTION" to take the "Path of Least Resistance", arent they then "ENCOURAGING" this behavior? or even further to my point , arent they(INDUSTRY) then helping to "SHAPE" the behavior of future generations? YES!! they(INDUSTRY) are. So games being another form of "entertainment", but also "SOCIAL INTERACTION" arent humans then LEARNING FROM the INTERACTION with the ENTERTAINMENT(of gaming)? YES YOU ARE. Is it not a fact that you are what you EAT? YES. The mind is a spounge consuming what it encounters as & experience. Is it not also a proven FACT that Humans would NATURALLY if given the option WOULD TAKE the "Path of least Resistance" as it pertains to achieving a "said GOAL" or a percieved "Better Quality" of Life etc? YES WE WOULD(humans). So what are the effects the real effects of "GETTING SOMETHING FOR NOTHING" in a sense, or achieving a "said Goal" without having to try very hard, is it not the PRESSURE or HEAT that creates the "Diamond"?, Is not the "Sacrifice" of Study & Discipline, Trials & Errors, the Up's & Downs, along with the "HEART" or "PASSION" or "INTESTINAL FORTITUDE" or "THE UNWILLINGNESS TO NOT QUIT OR GIVE TO FAILURE" that in the END of the trial or course or test in the many disciplines in life that makes 1 SUCCESSFUL, WISE, MATURE, & MENTALLY TOUGH? ....yes YES! ...SOoooo then the OPPOSITE MUST BE TRUE if you CHOOSE(a personal choice helped by its offering up by.. yep you guest it!! THE INDUSTRY) the EASY PATH or CHEAP WAY, etc. So again my fellow gamers the question is WHY would the INDUSTRY choose to offer it to YOU, answer?: CONTROL, simple, control of your choices, control of YOU, easier to MANIPULATE, easier to quit & give in even when YOU KNOW your being screwed or treated unfairly as a game consumer by the INDUSTRY & all there shameful, cruel, greedy practices perpetrated on YOU. ..and , they get away with it, WHY? cause WE HAVE LEARNED to let them, and THEY(INDUSTRY) KNOW THIS.