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User Review : TitanFall

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Stand By For....Dragons?

E3 2013 Lots of hype. Lots. TitanFall was going to be the next big game to plant its seed in an already crowded garden of First Person Shooters. This plant was different however, it was something fresh, something new, dare I say ...Something "different". The events leading up to the release of this game reminded me much of the Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare launch. I remember how much hype the game had and how it lived up to every expectation in every way. I was excited.

Being a very big fan of First Person Shooters in general (not one particular but a lot of them) I found myself so excited for this game. This was the reason I was getting an Xbox One. This was the reason I needed to have it. I am certain that was Microsoft's strategy all along and it worked. That is to say until I got my hands on the game put about 30+ hours into it, and started feeling that odd fatigue that sets in after doing the same thing over, and over again in a video game. TitanFall had gone from an amazing experience to a repetitive, typical shooter and that makes me sad.

Explaining TitanFall to friends who are not so much into games as I am is rather difficult. Most of them are interested to a point when it comes to video games but have really ZERO interest in the multiplayer aspect of any game (for obvious reason). What we were promised with Titanfall was a Multiplayer experience with Singleplayer cinematic and story and honestly we got very little if any of that. This was a Multiplayer shooter through and through.


TitanFall tries very hard to do some type of campaign-like mode, it offers a very interesting intro to the game, and than just kind of falls on its face when you start playing. You have little to NO concern for any of the characters, you probably don't remember any of their names, and you really aren't grabbed by anything in particular except for one objective, to win because you are playing a multiplayer game. That is what makes the TitanFall campaign useless. You are far too concerned with winning and shooting other real players than you are with the audio in the background explaining everything going on (Yes audio not cinematics as promised). To make matters worse 2 things occur when this happens. 1) IF you are suppose to lose, you will lose even if you win (yea that's right) and 2) You get little to no explanation as to whats going on. All I remember is that it has something to do with fuel. This is the biggest problem to me with this game. I want to know why we are on a planet with "Dragons", I want to know why there is a Gigantic alien-dinosaur in the background. I want to know where I am fighting and why its so important, and I get none of that. This is why fatigue set in so quick for me, at least with games like Call of Duty and battlefield you have a sense of why you are in those environments COD does it more (for example ODIN being crash landed on the map Stonehaven in GHOST). I just felt like there was no sense of purpose here to keep me interested.


TitanFall is far from pretty, it uses a modified SOURCE engine and it shows. Textures are muddy all around, the game is rendered @792p on the Xbox One, Jaggies show through the upscaling, the environments are drab and dull really giving no life to the maps, everything is static and nothing feels alive aside from the grunts, players and Titans. The character models look like they were pulled out of Half-Life 2. The animation however looks as authentic as it possibly could for parkour like movements and double jumps throughout. The game is not going to grab your attention for how pretty it is, cause its far from. It will however pull you in when you see 2 titans battling in the middle of a chaotic battlefield. The best thing about this game is the backdrops they are gorgeous, sometimes I would just stop playing to stare off in the distance just to see how much detail is put into it.

The sound in the game is great, and does its job well, The Titans sound really good the grinding noises your titan makes as you move sound so authentic and real it adds that much needed level of depth in the game. The grunts shout out when they see you kicking ass, they also shout out when they see an enemy closing in. Sound is a much needed thing in any FPS game and Titanfall delivers on every note. The Score of the game is just as epic as the Giant Titans you fight with, serving that feeling of action as you decimate each other on the battlefield.


If any part of TitanFall shines best its most certainly the gameplay. While veteran shooters will have NO problem destroying the casual players, they will certainly grow tired of how easy the shooting mechanics actually are. TitanFall feels as if it was designed to pull in all types of gamers, from casual to non-stop hardcore play this game til my fingers bleed gamers. I feel they went this route simply to have us focus more on the parkour factors and Titans. A lot of the time people would use their Titans in A.I mode as kind of a UAV. They would stay close to the Titan hear "titan attacking pilot" and than use that tactic to take out the enemy. Other times you would see people wall running with shotguns and hopping all over the place. This offers a new type of style to the player. ME? Personally I play many different ways I don't have a play style and I try to mix it up a fair bit. I do enjoy using the Titan to destroy enemies but I also get joy for wall running across a whole map without touching the ground. You can argue all you want but the Gameplay shines the brightest in this game, it is smooth it is satisfying and it is responsive. Even if its a bit too easy and lacks much of any needed gun-skill for veteran shooters.


Well There isn't much to say about this since there is no other option. No BOT matches for practice, no single player anything at all (besides the tutorial). The game runs smooth, for the most part, you get into matches fairly quickly, the lag is minimal but it does exist on some servers. Its an online only game and they treat it as such. They do their best to give you a smooth experience. 6v6 is nothing to write home about and I wish we could have a ground war type of gamemode, I feel 6v6 is alright, but 9v9 would be better. That being said there are only a handful of modes to choose from and this can also add to the fatigue I have experienced in the game. In my honest opinion 5 game modes for an online only game is weak, we see that in games like Sniper Elite, which has a full fledged single player campaign. In essence you have Attrition(TDM),Hardpoint(DOM), Last Titan Standing, Capture the Flag, and Pilot Hunter (which is TDM without grunts/minions counting as kills). I really don't find that acceptable at all, they did however say there will be more to come. So I guess Stand by for..Gamemodes.


If you asked me for my review of Titanfall the first 2-3 days I played it. I would've said easily a 8 out of 10. IF you ask for my opinion a few weeks after playing it would be significantly different. The game offers something fresh, something that feels new but familiar at the same time (Think Unreal/Quake days), and offers the ability to control Giant Mechs but also jump out as a petty soldier on a battlefield. This gets old quicker than it should. With no lore to go with the game, a lack of game modes, and no type of sense of accomplishment in winning, you honestly might play this for a few weeks and put it aside until new maps come out, and than put it aside again. That is too little in my opinion to justify a full retail price for a game like this. TitanFall is good fun, its great fun with friends, but that is where it stops. You will play the same maps 100-200 times and than what? What shooter will you return to?

The game isn't the ugliest thing on the Xbox One, but its certainly far from the prettiest. Clearly Titanfall was designed with the 360 in mind and was pushed to the Xbox One and PC, you can tell just by the way the game looks. Them Backdrops though.
Grunts scream out praises, and enemy position, Guns feel authentic, you can feel the explosions, the Titans sound like grinding metal (as they should) Its great. Sound is key in a game like this.
While the gameplay is silky smooth its also in my opinion too forgiving. Guns are easy to handle with no real learning curve. The Pilots practically magnetize to the titans when trying to board one. The game is forgiving in a lot of places.
Fun Factor
The game is fun, but only for so long. I am basing my fun factor on the game a few weeks out, when I've played it enough to feel as though I've seen all I can see and done all I can do (with a win % of 92%). The Fatigue just sets in far too quick for a multiplayer game that has no other options.
Great Servers! This part was key for a game like TitanFall, because without great server this game would obviously fail. The reason for a 6 is because I consider the online portion of any game the "multiplayer" and this game has a very limited amount of game modes.
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TH3BR3W1723d ago

I was trying to find something to make a long comment in response to your core factors and their scores, but I can't. I agree on almost every point given here. I played the game on PC for the first week and I have lost my desire to play more than a few matches at a time anymore. I was hoping it would keep my interest and it failed on that one key point for me. Only so many times can I play attrition or last titan standing or any of the other game modes before I start to feel that "ya ya ya so what" feeling.

ThichQuangDuck1723d ago

This is unfortunately how I felt in the Beta so I pulled out of my pre order and hype train. The game lacks teamwork to me so it is very Call of Duty in terms of player mind set. The bots are just there to boost player Ego. I was simply sold by titans, jetpacks and free running,but once I played the game I realized how robotic it all felt. I hope they make some changes for Titanfall 2. To each their own. I am surprised this review has not garnered much hate.

dark-kyon1723d ago

why must have hate,is a good review with a good score for a game what clearly was rushed and miss content,if you like the gameplay and like play multiplayers games how call of duty the score can be higher for you.but for people what want the whole package is other thing.

nykilla1719d ago

This review and you're comment are useless! What TV was this reviewer playing Titanfall on because the game looks fantastic on my tv. Not only that but I still play this game every day and Im not the least bit bored with it. People are using that excuse because there is no real campaign. I have friends that are still playing CoD BO2 (a game I cant stand) but they have been playing the multiplayer since it released. Titanfall is 10x better than any CoD and anyone that says they are bored either 1) didnt know what they were buying or 2) is some dumb fanboy from another competitive console that just wants to talk bad about a game they never played because all my friends have Titanfall and ALL of us are on xbox live every night playing. Please......

TH3BR3W1718d ago

1) I suggest you get some preparation h for that butthurt there bud 2) I own PC, X1, and PS4 so no I'm more a fan of games and care less for fanboy antics. I play and judge games based on everything except what f'king platform they are on. This game simply didn't bring a fresh experience to the table enough for me to feel like it's spectacular. Want the mech experience there is free to play Hawken. Want the shooter with limited choice in weaponry play cod or bf4 or counter strike or, or, or... you get the picture. Want the free running mechanics there is brink or mirrors edge albeit not as fast paced as titanfall I get that.

I just feel like I've played this game before. I am waiting for that one game that sets a new standard as the current one in today's games are stale as all hell. That's why I hope for star citizen to be completed soon as that is a game that looks to set a new standard.

Of course though we will see more people like you who are simple minded and care not for something ground breaking and push the limit of what a video game can achieve. Just keep shooting your bots and gloating about how awesome a new and recycled game with a few new gimmicks is.

Btw infamous SS isn't ground breaking either. Yes it has graphics that are good enough to satisfy my pretty graphics nerve but it's short as hell and uses the majority of the previous installments mechanics so it falls in that same category.

svoulis1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )


I played this on a 27" LG IPS panel Monitor. I also played it ona 65" TV. I played the PC version maxxed out settings, and I played the Xbox One version.

I am going to remain professional rather than spew a hot load of garbage as YOU'RE doing right now.

1) Yes a lot of people who play COD don't even touch the campaign, SADLY though, I am not one of them I enjoy campaigns in games (Once again this is my review.)

2) Saying you have friends who still play Black Ops II (a game you cant stand) justifies everything I am saying about TitanFall in my review. I liked it in the beginning, it was fun felt different, but over a few weeks of playing it and realizing i was literally going 14+ in kills and less than 4 in deaths made me bored of it. I mean I livestream myself playing videogames I did this with Titanfall a lot. I will link you a video where I am playing it and you can see for yourself. The game is EASY and to me its far TOO EASY. It makes it get boring fast. That is why I said If I were to review the game from the first 5-10 hours playing it I'd have given it a higher score like the rest of the website did. I chose to wait because I had a feeling my opinion would change. There are plenty of articles stating the same "stale" feeling and "fatigue" they are getting from this game cause it lacks that feeling of competitiveness. Call of Duty may suck to a lot of people but at LEAST they don't entirely favor you with a ridiculous snap to aim like TitanFall with no recoil it basically makes the game boring. That topped with only 5 (technically 4) game times, I mean really?

and Finally, About not knowing what I am buying, or being a fanboy that just wants to talk bad about a game they've never played.

HA.. Seriously whatever helps you sleep at night, if you don't think some people may find this game lacking. That is sad really cause its all opinionated, and you sir clearly have yours.

Glad you and your friends are enjoying the game, personally I play it from time to time but I enjoy other shooters better for the accomplishment feeling.


Thats basically how I felt a few weeks later. Bubbles up.

Blastoise1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

It is amazing that a game that charges full price, completely scraps the singleplayer, offers no co-op or spec ops missions and is by the people who made modern warfare 2 can be so light on modes and extra's.

Why is a multiplayer only game allowed to be shipped when it's so bare bones?

I notice they were quick to announce a season pass though...

Hope they sort this out for Titanfall 2, you can't expect to be a Call of duty killer when there's only 5 modes.

ThichQuangDuck1723d ago

At least game modes will be free through dlc,but Titanfall feels like it is missing something to make each game feel dynamic. I guess I was more hoping for Battlefield with Titans than COD with Titans. Destructibility or the unexpected chaos of any kind would go a long way

Kavorklestein1723d ago

Call of Duty has TOO MANY MODES.
Just because there are options, doesn't mean they are all GOOD options. I like options, (who doesn't?) but it's not about the modes, it's about the epic and balanced/borderline trend-setting/ thinking outside of the box of the FPS genre gameplay IN those modes that counts.

Kavorklestein1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

Clearly you guys aren't really adrenaline junkies like most of the folks who are enjoying the shit out of Titanfall. I didn't even get the slightest feeling like I'm missing any game types/modes/features because I get such a rush from playing it and enjoying trying new things.

I love how the game feels like call of duty, but it also feels nothing like call of duty at the same time.
I always kill the bots, and instead of hating them, I enjoy getting kills by actually getting to shoot at stuff instead of spawning and dying like in COD. DOn't get me wrong, I sometimes go 32 and 3 on TD, but I also get annoyed at people who just run and gun, and Titanfall gives alot more survive-ability to the fps genre while still being able to put people down with a few bullets. It's a masterpiece in my mind, and the 60 dollar price tag is well worth it in my opinion. I mean, some people buy season passes for games they play online like a total of 20 hours. That makes their game 110-120 bucks, and they don't beat their game's campaigns OR play it online long enough to justify the price of that... still don't hear people writing off COD and Battlefield just for that expense, and with such a balanced game like titanfall, I couldn't ask for more FUN to be had with my 60 bucks. In fact, some people got this game for free with their XB1, so your loss, everyone else's gain.
We will not miss you online, (you'd probably be one of the guys who says this is boring!!!!! and walks around giving free/easy kills to the enemy team.) Go play with yourself somewhere else then.
I respect that you have your opinion, but your reasons for not liking it are about money. What is money well spent then? Having options/modes you'll never play or use?
A good example is the first Gears of war. it was extremely limited in it's online modes and options, but it still was the coolest thing around for it's time.
And most of the folks who I know tried the campaign for like 2 chapters and played online the rest....

svoulis1723d ago

It has nothing to do with money, and clearly my KDR says a lot about me its at about 4.5 against humans NOT bots. So who is really missing out here? Adrenaline junkie really? I suppose this is your version of jumping out of a plane or bungee jumping? The price isn't the only factor reflecting the score, its much more than that. I personally do like campaigns and play them on all games. Even Call of Duty, and Battlefield. So because I opted to buy a Xbox ONE on day one? It's my loss that funny. I guess you're okay with Microsoft screwing people over when they decide to drop the price of the console and include a free game? COOl.

Masterpiece? Oh god, I assume you never have played any games like unreal or quake online if you consider this a masterpiece. It really is a derivative off of that type of gameplay. You clearly don't respect anyones opinion here claiming you do AFTER saying I am probably someone you wont miss playing with online and walk around giving free/easy kills. HAHA Oh man the butthurt is strong with you.

Let me ask you a question. Did you help make the game? Did you buy the game on PC and Xbox One like I did? Did you have any involvement with how it was designed to be using a 10+ year old engine? If so I can understand you being upset that someone didn't actually give this game a precious 9.0. Because I can guarantee you the guys who did probably aren't even playing it anymore.

If the game isn't that old to you by now, you must be just learning how to play it and hoping to get better. I think walking away from it for now with a 4.5KDR on PC and Xbox One means I can't really enjoy a game for a challenge when non is presented.

Oh, and if you're wondering. I do NOT respect your opinion because clearly NO online only game with as limited CONTENT as this game, should ever have a price tag of 60$ on ANY platform. No Matter how good the gameplay is.

MysticStrummer1719d ago

Adrenaline junkies? Gamers? I couldn't read past that.

Doletskaya1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

"With no lore to go with the game, a lack of game modes, and no type of sense of accomplishment in winning, you honestly might play this for a few weeks and put it aside until new maps come out, and than put it aside again. That is too little in my opinion to justify a full retail price for a game like this."

80% of the COD players and even bigger majority of the BF players don't give a crap about the story, and yet they play the multiplayer for months or even years. I don't know about others, but I only play Ground War in COD and Conquest in BF; so lack of game modes really isn't a problem for me. Plus, more game modes are coming according to Respawn. And accomplishment? There is no accomplishment in playing a video game for most people in the first place. I play Titanfall for fun, and I can see Titanfall being fun to play for me for years to come.

You said it yourself that the gameplay shines the brightest in this game and that's mainly why I can see myself playing this game for a long time and not get bored. And no, I have not played any unreal or quake multiplayer(has any of these games even been released in the last 5 years?), and I don't know of any game where there is a balanced mix of ground troop and mech gameplay if not at all. So yes, this is innovative and fresh to me, and, Im guessing, most ordinary gamers.

Also, if games like Tomb Raider and Bioshock ask for 60 bucks, it's more than ok for Titanfall to charge 60 bucks also for extremely obvious reasons.

nykilla1719d ago ShowReplies(1)