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Inside Gaming is Officially Leaving Machinima

304d ago - Inside Gaming has announced today via the Inside Gaming Daily video, that they are officially lea... | Industry

Report: Warner Brothers Might Buy Machinima

606d ago - Sources at Machinima and Warner Brothers recently spoke to Video Game Choo Choo about the possibi... | Industry

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Getting Paid To Say Nice Things About Microsoft

674d ago - CCC Says: "It’s hard to make your living off YouTube. You get mere pennies per view on your chann... | Xbox One

Xbox One XB1M13 YouTube Participants Listed; 11 Million Viewers Reached

675d ago - Gaming Blend "Microsoft and Machinima's XB1M13 campaign was budgeted for only $3,750 to hit 1.25... | Xbox One

Microsoft And Machinima Have Officially Commented On XB1M13

675d ago - iGR: "As of now, you're likely aware that we broke news over the weekend of a new promotion to pr... | Xbox One

Blowing The Whistle On XB1M13, MS And Machinima's Covert Xbox One Campaign

675d ago - iGR: "First off, we didn’t think this deal would become a scandal, not by a long shot. We were pr... | Xbox One

Game Titles and Media Achievements Announced for the Machinima App on Xbox One

739d ago - Major Nelson writes: Last month we shared the announcement of Machinima’s Xbox One experience — f... | Xbox One

Relive the Memorable Dead Island Backwards Trailer In Live Action

756d ago - Say what you will about Techland’s Dead Island franchise, but no one can forget that memorable ba... | Culture

Machinima to Launch Exclusively on Xbox One Worldwide on Nov. 22

773d ago - Take a look at the above video that shows how Machima will use Xbox One Snap to provide a great S... | Xbox One

Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Now Available Online

792d ago - Machinima has brought the web series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy II to the masses today, making the en... | Culture

Mortal Kombat Legacy Producer Lance Sloane Confirms New Game

855d ago - In this exclusive interview from San Diego Comic Con 2013, Mortal Kombat Legacy producer Lance Sl... | Culture

The Sad Story of Machinima, Money and Minecraft

925d ago - Sebastian Moss: "Sometimes I just hate this industry and everything that it represents, with the... | PC

Machinima hosting live-action Portal-based web series

1000d ago - Gaming video network Machinima will be hosting a new live-action web series based around Portal.... | Tech

Bad Business: Machinima, It’s Not A Game

1074d ago - Smart When Shouting explains why Machinima's recent business move, in which they suddenly and wit... | Industry

Layoffs Reported At Machinima

1078d ago - Kotaku - The YouTube network Machinima seems to have laid off at least some of their staff. Detai... | Culture

Max Payne Against All

1082d ago - Rockstarturk: Max Payne to live Connor Kenway, Vaas and Lee Everett needs to kill. Watch. | PC

LEGO Grand Theft Auto V

1086d ago - Rockstarturk: Were little toys, Legos Grand Theft Auto V is the first video of the invasion. When... | PC

Video Interview with Jeremy Azevedo at the Machinima Interactive Film Festival

1087d ago - Examiner Peter Tieryas had the chance to do a video interview with Jeremy Azevedo, Head of Entert... | Culture

'Enter The Freeman:' Amazing Half-Life Short Film

1153d ago - NRM: "Machinima has always been a slightly ropey industry in terms of material to be taken seriou... | Culture

Machinima Coming to Gaikai's Cloud Gaming Service

1269d ago - Machinima's Award-Winning Content Will be Available to Gaikai's Partners | PC

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Machinima scores partnership to promote highly anticipated Hawken game

1274d ago - Web videos are turning into the preferred way to drop news about a new game. That’s why Meteor En... | PC

YouTube Personality Entrapped by Machinima Contract

1298d ago - Robert Hastings writes, "Earlier today a popular YouTube personality known as “Braindeadly” poste... | Tech

Machinima may become Google’s first original content investment

1299d ago - Lately Google has been keen on dropping significant money to attract original programing for YouT... | PC

Machinima Announces Frag Cup 3

1371d ago - Machinima partners up with to bring the tournament Frag Cup 3. | Xbox 360

Skyrim In Halo Reach

1441d ago - A Halo Reach player joins a free for all match only to find that the other players are acting rat... | PC
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