Relive the Memorable Dead Island Backwards Trailer In Live Action

Say what you will about Techland’s Dead Island franchise, but no one can forget that memorable backward trailer that introduced the game to the public. Now Cinedrone Pictures and the Machinima YouTube channel have released a live action version of the trailer, produced shot for shot.

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MysticStrummer1904d ago

Great trailer for an average game, and for me it turned out to be the buggiest game I've ever played.

Timmey1904d ago

i remember wishing for this game to be as emotional as the trailer and bring something new to the table of zombiegames...

chaos_mechanica1904d ago

Agreed. The trailer made such a huge wave when it released, but then the actual game was repetitive fetch quests and hack and slashing. I hope their Dying Light follow up is better.